Adventures 10

Without further ado, and after much delay, here is the next Adventure, picking up after the gnomes slipped away from the dragon.

We hope you enjoy Adventure 10.

Commentary below:

I thought to delay posting this until 11 was out, since it feels like a filler episode. But, well, here it is. Actually, what made me decide was the basic format of 11 came to me. I do believe it will solve a few issues I have had.

Because I have been scribing 10 for months and months! Seriously. When did 9 come out? For I was already working on 10 even then.

Ultimately, there were two things blocking my progress: I wanted to add more to it in order to avoid feeling it is filler, and I was really needing to get away from stuff, haha.

My mind is not quite where it once was, but it is far, far more clear and capable after my recent road trip. I must say, seeing mountains really helped the soul!

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed it. Cheerio!

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