Down to Rith Tale

This Tale took a bit of time to come together. But, I am most pleased with the results. Prim and Tia would comment, but they are rather occupied right now.

On their behalf, I hope you enjoy them in “Down to Rith Tale”.


I think the inspiration for this Tale is clear.

The ending caught me by surprise. It is one of those times where you end it one way, walk away, think of more, and add it in.

I rather enjoyed the ending.

I wanted the Tale to actually be a full story, not just the fun scene. Hence, Tia’s practice at the beginning. It then became a sort of theme throughout, and set up the ending nicely.

Meanwhile, I did skip a bit about explaining just how Prim ever got the idea for her plan. Honestly, I think it best we just accept Prim does these things.

I never named the visitor, because … why? Seriously, it seemed more fun to keep her identity secret. Something a little more ominous for our gnomish friends, thinking of someone coming to exact revenge but not even knowing her name.

Anyway, not really much to the commentary, was there? We hope you enjoyed our Tale!


3 thoughts on “Down to Rith Tale

  1. Once I found the download button (and reversed my unfollow mistake) I thoroughly enjoyed the tale.

    Another fantastic tale, Wyland.
    Prim continually surprises me with new and intriguing *powers* and I really enjoyed what happened when the *tone* of the powers changed.

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    1. Haha, thank you! I rather enjoyed Tia calming the offended Prim down, and Prim letting her know she was okay. The shift in effect was fun to write. I probably could have gone further, I guess, but the Tale is long enough already. xD


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