Adventures 11

At a certain point, you just scribe it on along….

By which I mean, this one is a chapter I have struggled to make things work in my mind. Then I scribe it out, and lo and behold, stuff happens I had not even considered.

Why do I bother thinking so much on these things?

Anyway, we hope you enjoy Adventures 11!

Discussion below, as ever.

Finished? How delightful!


We are rapidly approaching a point which is actually where most of my thought has gone. In other words, I am slogging to where I really want to get the gnomes, haha.

This particular part gave me trouble because, not to put too fine a point on it, Tia SHOULD be pretty much overwhelmed. Originally, Prim was not to reveal her powers just yet. But, well, that got flipped. I think it the best way, since it summons the dragon and we get to see the weakness associated with her power.

Not a fun power if it summons a dragon every time you use it!

Meanwhile, the first three times I scribed this chapter, I looked at Tia’s reaction and realized it just would not do. At some point, she needed to be ready to explode — which Prim would need to defuse. (The one question, as it turns out.)

I also wanted to show Tia’s recovery from her weird anger issues toward Prim. “[Tia] did not care.” Tia flipping the script with Prim caught me off-guard, and I rolled with it. To do it, however, I felt I had to delve a bit deeper than I ordinarily like into the character’s thoughts.

I am not a fan of over-describing their thoughts and feelings, but I do suppose I should do it more often.

Anyway, setting up Tia’s joke led to a lot more verbage. I think this particular chapter to be one of my wordier works! (I am not counting any of Prim’s dialogue, as she is usually quite flowery with her language.)

I am not sure Tia’s reaction is … reasonable. But, the way I look at it, I am scribing for my friends, not for monies, so anyone reading it can factor that in all they desire. If I kept at it, sure, I could fix things — probably add more between the events.

Heck, I would add entire chapters with the two split up earlier! I was rather disappointed my scribing got them together within a chapter.

Anyway, I ramble. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! We wish you well!

Cheerio! o/

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