Prim Tales

Art by CMP,

One Minute to Tale

This one has been in the works for months, as I sorted out ideas. I finally got something going. So, we hope you enjoy “One Minute to Tale”. Commentary with SPOILERS below. … … … … Commentary time! I never really do well with other people’s creations. Characters always are a part of myself, so…

Best Laid Plans Tale

Season’s Greetings!This Tale came about by a comment from our friend Jaded. It stewed a bit, then I finally realized I best actually SCRIBE it, or else I would forget it, losing it to the depths of time and faulty memory …We wanted to get it out today and managed. Only just.We hope you enjoy…

A Challenging Tale

It appears the pair have engaged in challenging activities. Or something. Read on to find out exactly what!We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “A Challenging Tale” — with a special guest appearance! Commentary and Spoilers below!…………This Tale actually went through four revisions as to the actual plot / story. All involved the gnomes…

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