Prim Tales

Art by CMP,

Prim and Tia Adventures 9

And here we see how our gnomes handle the consiberaly-inconvenient presence of a dragon…. Also of note, I adjusted a few things in the previous Adventure. Essentially, I did not edit enough, wanting to just post and get on with it. Pronouns got confused. I corrected them, and also ensured Tia was not using capitalizationsContinue reading “Prim and Tia Adventures 9”

Prim and Tia Adventures 8

Well, it has been quite some time since our gnomish friends stood and gazed back at the dragon’s fire lighting the sky … What can I say, I got distracted. I will elaborate more after the Adventure. In the meantime, I wish to give a special shoutout to We Are All Mad Here. Details below.Continue reading “Prim and Tia Adventures 8”

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