Prim Tales

Art by CMP,

Aly’s Bet

Okay, the story behind this one: Way back in the day, a couple of dear friends pestered me to write an accompaning story to the pic one of them was drawing on stream. You see, the main character was on stage, and various characters were in the audience as silhouettes. Since Prim and Tia wereContinue reading “Aly’s Bet”

Contribution Tale

Here is a little Tale just for fun. Small amount of rambling below the file, of course. We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Contribution Tale”! … … … Usually, I like setups and payoffs, so this Tale is a bit different. That said, it just seemed a fun moment. I do believe weContinue reading “Contribution Tale”

More Tea, More Mayhem

Okay, this one has a bit of a weird history to it. I have felt a have been wandering about in the Twilight Zone regarding it. First, perhaps you should read the Tale? Yes, that might be best. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy Prim and Friends in “More Tea, More Mayhem Tale”, withContinue reading “More Tea, More Mayhem”

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