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Prim and Tia Adventures 7

Well, things look downright depressing at the end of 6. So, let us see where 7 takes us. As ever, commentary (aka, “blather”) below the link. We hope you enjoy! … … … … A while back, I realized the two needed to split up. For storytelling reasons, and also to add a bit ofContinue reading “Prim and Tia Adventures 7”

Prim and Tia Adventures 6

Well, I think we should be moving along with Prim and Tia’s story, no? Without further ado, we present Adventures 6. We hope you enjoy. Adventures 7 is scheduled for Sunday, 13 Sep 20. I may post a combined 1-5 or 1-6 sometime soon. Just all of ’em so far stuffed into one .PDF document.

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