Prim Tales

Art by CMP,

A Challenging Tale

It appears the pair have engaged in challenging activities. Or something. Read on to find out exactly what! We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “A Challenging Tale” — with a special guest appearance! Commentary and Spoilers below! … … … … This Tale actually went through four revisions as to the actual plotContinue reading “A Challenging Tale”

Adventures 11

At a certain point, you just scribe it on along…. By which I mean, this one is a chapter I have struggled to make things work in my mind. Then I scribe it out, and lo and behold, stuff happens I had not even considered. Why do I bother thinking so much on these things?Continue reading “Adventures 11”

Adventures 10

Without further ado, and after much delay, here is the next Adventure, picking up after the gnomes slipped away from the dragon. We hope you enjoy Adventure 10. Commentary below: … … … I thought to delay posting this until 11 was out, since it feels like a filler episode. But, well, here it is.Continue reading “Adventures 10”

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