Adventures Issues 1-3

Yeah, I can eventually get moving to do stuff. Eventually….

(Early warning: Only issue 3 is entirely new material.)

This week has had me doing a lot more than I normally do. I have picked up my exercise regimen, which has provided nice results already. I have two Tales I am wandering around on, idly working on.

And I finished up Adventures issue 3. I also have 4 and 5 more or less planned out, and most of the overarching storyline issues have been worked out / resolved, so progress hopefully will continue on.

What are Adventures? More or less, they are the story of Prim and Tia. Yes, we have Tales, but those tend to be one-shot with little concern about chronological order. The Adventures will flow from one to the other. The intent is to make them more or less a serial story series thingie.

1 and 2 are the old Island Antics first chapter. I adjusted a couple of minor things, then broke it up into two pieces roughly the size of how I intend each Adventure to be. Manageable sizes for the audience and myself.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy!

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