Tea Party Mayhem!

This is a very special Tale for me. I was “commissioned”, by which I mean hectored and badgered, by a friend to write a story for a mutual friend centered around a theme. Actually, if I recall, it was to write “a paragraph or two”. As if I — *I* — could ever just write “a paragraph or two”.

The nerve!

At the time, I was doing something completely out of character — taking an actual, honest-to-goodness vacation on my own. I usually do not do the vacation thing, by which I mean a travel vacation. I am a hermit, happy to do staycations. If I do get out and about, it is because my family is doing something and wanted me to tag along.

So, I rented a cabin and fled from the world for a week. And then one morning, I am tip-tapping into my phone a Tale for a friend. Because … well, heck, to admit it, it was nice writing a Tale while in the woods, away from everyone.


Sorry, sorry, that just sort of happened, no idea why. Anyway, I recall sending progress along as I went, just to demonstrate that, yes indeed, I was working on it. Spent most of the morning on it, some of the afternoon. I think. Hey, it has been a while. Sat on the porch, rocking, conversing with the other guests —


Ahem, sorry again. Anyway, looking at the scenery, enjoying the air, and writing up a Tale for a friend. For another friend.

Good times.

And with that “one or two paragraph” reminiscence out of the way: We hope you enjoy Prim (and friends) in “Tea Party Mayhem Tale”!

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