Prim and Gnomish Plunder

Okay, I have been meaning to fix up this Tale for quite some time. The formatting was not really up to snuff. And it needed a name! “Prim Tale Two” just was not cutting it.

In this Tale, we meet a character who, though she rarely makes appearances, has a major impact on Prim’s life. At some point, I will actually get around to exploring that, heh. Meanwhile, I slowly plod along with the scribing….

I would point out this was the second Tale scribed. I think it took me three nights to get it done? I should probably have set it aside for a few days, edited it. I am terrible about that. Probably the worst and hardest part for me is the time between “finishing” a Tale and then sharing it. I often get too impatient, release it without giving it a proper edit job.

By which I mean, set it aside for three days, return to it, then edit it with a fresh mindset. When I do that, I catch so much…

One would think that a clue I should do it every time. Ahem.

This Tale is also what I consider a “major” Tale, in that it is more than just a few pages. A bit more. I actually prefer writing like this, with a full, self-contained story. However, it is fun to just toss out the short one-offs that are most Tales.

In fact, sometimes it is a relief to not have to set up a scene. “Prim and Tia are tied up” is a great start — who needs details and whyfors?

Anyway, we hope you enjoy Prim Tale Two, now with a title: “Gnomish Plunder Tale”.

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