A Challenging Tale

It appears the pair have engaged in challenging activities. Or something. Read on to find out exactly what!

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “A Challenging Tale” — with a special guest appearance!

Commentary and Spoilers below!

This Tale actually went through four revisions as to the actual plot / story. All involved the gnomes in the DD, but the first did not spark as much scribing as I had hoped. The second idea, months later, was an inversion of the first — better, but still not enough.

The third idea was the first to include Laressa, but all she did was step in at the end out of nowhere and punish the gnomes. It was also the first where the pair were engaged in a contest of some kind, with ever-increasing handicaps. Much improved, but still lacking.

Finally, the idea Laressa steps in early and applies the handicaps immediately, with the resulting “contest” happening off-screen so we can get to the fun part… Well, that just got the spark that I needed!

As for the extra bounciness and whatnot — usually I do avoid such descriptions, but I needed a reminder every now and then the pair had stripped to their panties. I reckoned bouncing and swaying boobs ought to do the trick!

Thank you to our friend Menchi again for allowing us to invite Laressa along for the ride! We hope you enjoyed our Tale!

Cheerio! o/

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