A Friendly Meeting Tale

Our friend Evie meets up with Prim and Tia. Naturally, things take a turn for the … Well, read on and see!

We hope you enjoy “A Friendly Meeting Tale!” And do not forget to read my friend KatieD’s follow-up, “Turnabout is Fair(Fore?)Play”, now linked below!





Finished? Good! On to the blathering!

There are reasons why this Tale is longer than is usual. Yep. Reasons…

KatieD (obviously) provided help with the Tale, not the least sacrificing her character for the greater good, whatever that would be in this case.

For, apparently, a mutual friend sent her a playful text about scheduling an “appointment” with Prim and Tia for Evie. She shows me. Next thing I know, I’m scribing a Tale to match. Go figure, eh?

This one initially seemed good to end after the first part. If I had been scribing on my own, it would have. But then I got nudged to add in the second. Which ended about halfway from where it ultimately did. And I got nudged to include the arrival and descriptions of the festivities.

And so, rather than two pages, we get six.

Little things in this one cracked me up to scribe. I rather enjoyed Prim’s failed effort and her reaction, as if she had not just been naughty at all. Evie and Tia’s back and forth with the crop just sorta happened.

Well, that is probably enough blather for now. Cheerio from all of us!

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