Toss and Tumble Tale

This Tale has its origins … well, actually, that part has been pushed off to part two. So, nevermind the origins for now.

Yes, this is a multi-part Tale. At this point, it appears to be a trilogy, but it may not quite make it that far. Either way, it is called “Gnomish Reflections”.

We thought just “Reflections”, but decided to add the other word because why not.

Anyway, we present to you Prim and Tia in “Toss and Tumble Tale”. We hope you enjoy it!

Update: Fixed a reference to an older version of a name.

Commentary time!

Well, not much to say, really. The little idea blossomed mightily. Quite mightily. So much so, everything ended up being pushed into part two, “Hue and Cry Tale”, which has not yet been scribed.

The competition just sort of popped up. In plain fact, they were supposed to get another scene or two along in this part. However, the tussle between the pair just set up a perfect ending spot for our first act. Do you not agree?

Now, the competition may seem unusual for them — and it is. Because, as the notion popped up, I realized their usual competitions are more favored toward Prim. They tend to get into verbal tussles and engage in witty banter.

So, while I felt a bit out of place scribing their little duel when I began, I soon realized it was about time to see them engaged on Tia’s chosen field of battle.

Who won the race? That is explained in part two. You will simply have to wait!

Thank you for reading, and, again, we hope you enjoyed it! Cheerio!

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