Prim and Tia Wagon Ride Tale

Yes, the title is dull, unimaginative, and rather pathetic. Too bad. I kid about that last part. Mostly. Anyway, the ever-talented CallMePlissken was looking for requests, so I offered a few ideas to choose from. He then drew a delightful pic — you should really check it out at his patreon! — and I, quiteContinue reading “Prim and Tia Wagon Ride Tale”

Prim and Tia vs Crazy Stepan

Okay, here we have one with an interesting backstory. Pliss created a character called Stepan, a fellow with very specific interests regarding backsides. He had a pet parrot which would only ever say … “fuckyes”…. Well, our intrepid gnomes found themselves in Stepan’s cargo hold one day. And here it is. We hope you enjoyContinue reading “Prim and Tia vs Crazy Stepan”