Adventures Issues 1-3

Yeah, I can eventually get moving to do stuff. Eventually….

(Early warning: Only issue 3 is entirely new material.)

This week has had me doing a lot more than I normally do. I have picked up my exercise regimen, which has provided nice results already. I have two Tales I am wandering around on, idly working on.

And I finished up Adventures issue 3. I also have 4 and 5 more or less planned out, and most of the overarching storyline issues have been worked out / resolved, so progress hopefully will continue on.

What are Adventures? More or less, they are the story of Prim and Tia. Yes, we have Tales, but those tend to be one-shot with little concern about chronological order. The Adventures will flow from one to the other. The intent is to make them more or less a serial story series thingie.

1 and 2 are the old Island Antics first chapter. I adjusted a couple of minor things, then broke it up into two pieces roughly the size of how I intend each Adventure to be. Manageable sizes for the audience and myself.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy!

Tea Party Mayhem!

This is a very special Tale for me. I was “commissioned”, by which I mean hectored and badgered, by a friend to write a story for a mutual friend centered around a theme. Actually, if I recall, it was to write “a paragraph or two”. As if I — *I* — could ever just write “a paragraph or two”.

The nerve!

At the time, I was doing something completely out of character — taking an actual, honest-to-goodness vacation on my own. I usually do not do the vacation thing, by which I mean a travel vacation. I am a hermit, happy to do staycations. If I do get out and about, it is because my family is doing something and wanted me to tag along.

So, I rented a cabin and fled from the world for a week. And then one morning, I am tip-tapping into my phone a Tale for a friend. Because … well, heck, to admit it, it was nice writing a Tale while in the woods, away from everyone.


Sorry, sorry, that just sort of happened, no idea why. Anyway, I recall sending progress along as I went, just to demonstrate that, yes indeed, I was working on it. Spent most of the morning on it, some of the afternoon. I think. Hey, it has been a while. Sat on the porch, rocking, conversing with the other guests —


Ahem, sorry again. Anyway, looking at the scenery, enjoying the air, and writing up a Tale for a friend. For another friend.

Good times.

And with that “one or two paragraph” reminiscence out of the way: We hope you enjoy Prim (and friends) in “Tea Party Mayhem Tale”!

Upside-Down Tale

Now with rambling commentary!

This is an older Tale. It might have been good of me to have checked the timestamp on it before I saved over it with the new formatting, haha. Too bad. Anyway, there is a reason I am posting it here today. But first, enjoy the Tale! We’ll wait.

Finished? Great! Welcome back.

This Tale introduced a new concept for our intrepid pair — That of outgrowing one’s enemies! Yes, goblins had been foes for the gnomes many times before. After this Tale, it became difficult for me to justify goblins ever giving them anything remotely resembling the appearance of a possibility of a threat.

In fact, as I was scribing it, the notion of “yay, goblins again” kept building in my mind. And, sure enough, Prim had the same reaction. It was truly a delight recording her commentary on Tia’s performance against their old foes. Whether intended or not, it marked the end of the goblin threat.

I have sought bigger, badder foes for them, but it seems the best I can do are one-offs. There is one fellow, whose name eludes me, who managed an off-screen reappearance. Hrm, does that count if it is off-screen?

Of course, if I would ever get off my duff and continue the Adventures concept ….

Anyway, this entire post (other than the Tale) came about because a couple of friends wrote a delightful story over on CallMePlissken’s Discord. If you are on it, do read “Island Vacation” by We’re All Mad Here and KatieD.

Their story more or less explored what to do when one’s classic foes are no longer threats to the heroines.

Excuse me ….

And back. Sorry about that. It would appear our red-haired friend is quite fussed she was not invited to the, err, “fun”. She would also like to remind everyone she — err, now, really!

Fine, fine. She wants to remind everyone she had once … handled … a goblin gang on her own, so there should be no question about her stamina.

— Yes, I agree, your companion has an odd sense of pride.

I think it might be best we simply leave that right where it is and say our farewells. Cheerio! o/

Prim and Tia Wagon Ride Tale

Yes, the title is dull, unimaginative, and rather pathetic. Too bad.

I kid about that last part. Mostly.

Anyway, the ever-talented CallMePlissken was looking for requests, so I offered a few ideas to choose from. He then drew a delightful pic — you should really check it out at his patreon! — and I, quite naturally, organized the Tale as told by a certain red-haired gnome.

The other gnome wanted nothing to do with it, for some reason.

Commentary (with spoilers) below the file.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the Tale!

This Tale was a pleasure to write, short as it is. The big twist, of course, is Tia being the cause of their situation. I chose not to get into particular details about just what contractual clause was invoked or how Tia triggered it, etc. etc.

I just know not to let Tia sign anything!

The details of the contract were unimportant, anyway. If I had worked out just what they were, suddenly the narrative would be more focused on a contract the reader never sees! Further, by skipping the details, Prim’s joining Tia in the wagon is left … more or less to the imagination, heh.

The conversation between the two in this Tale I found particularly interesting. Tia seemed more willing to interrupt Prim. Anyone who knows Prim knows she has a habit of interrupting and more or less forcing a conversation the way she wants, often causing her foes and/or friends to be confused and befuddled. However, when I wrote this one, Tia simply felt less passive than normal, more free to interrupt or interject. Perhaps it was just inside my own noggin, but as the scriber of the Tales, I would wager that means something.

Their relationship is getting quite difficult to write. I really need to get on with the Adventures, wherein we get to explore it much more. Until then, there is a limiter on how close the two are permitted to get.

Basically, I really need to get movin’ on it. Derp.

I scribed the skeleton of this Tale during Pliss’s stream. I wrote dialogue on my phone, but it was too much to fit into the chat window. So, I saved it to the note app. I then formatted it to be in chat-sized segments and added another segment. And another. And another. The plan was to copy/paste into the chat, but that ended up being a tedious concept when it grew so large.

Enough rambling. Cheerio! o/

Nurse Mischief Tale

Art by CallMePlissken at

No good deed goes unpunished … unrewarded? Un-something. Anyway, Nurse Aly issued a PSA, reminding everyone tying her up at home is fun even in these unusual times. Naturally, she soon finds Prim has a few plans to “help” with her Public Service Announcement.

A bit of chat about it below the Tale itself. Spoilers may follow — you have been warned!

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Nurse Mischief Tale”!

Read the Tale yet? Good, then let us continue.

I rattled off a little speal in the Discord channel upon seeing Nurse Aly’s PSA, thinking it would be a cute joke for morale boosting. Next thing I know, there are lots of Nurse Aly pics, so clearly my imagination was not original on this score.

That said, there was simply no way I could resist attempting to get the speal turned into artwork. (Though I tried, for some reason. To resist, I mean.) And as I mentioned, I thought a it would help morale — the two are so fun to see, especially when mischief is involved.

Fortunately, Pliss was game for a quick sketch. It was a true delight to watch this one come together on stream. I had no intention of recording a Tale for it. On the contrary, to my mind, the artwork spoke for itself. However, during the stream, he mentioned four points, and suddenly my imagination just demanded I do something with that.

Ruddy artist has an annoying habit of sparking my muse…

Well, do to technical issues, I was unable to get started for days. I then wrote in the format it currently exists. I thought of editing it to a normal style, but it feels the material comes across naturally as it is. And fans do seem to enjoy Prim and Tia going back and forth, so I reckon it should work.

I do think it went a bit long, though.

The twist at at the end was not in the cards when I began this Tale, so imagine my surprise to watch it unfold. I do think Hot-Tits is not particularly angry, however. In the mood for vengeance? Without a doubt.

Why do I feel Prim is not fussed about that?

Prim and Tia vs Crazy Stepan

Art by CallMePlissken

Okay, here we have one with an interesting backstory. Pliss created a character called Stepan, a fellow with very specific interests regarding backsides. He had a pet parrot which would only ever say … “fuckyes”….

Well, our intrepid gnomes found themselves in Stepan’s cargo hold one day. And here it is.

We hope you enjoy it.

Why this site?

I have long thought of putting all of Prim and Tia’s Tales together in one convenient location for anyone and everyone to enjoy. It has been such a pleasure recording their misadventures.

I have also considered adding commentary, just for good measure. Anyone who has heard me talk knows I enjoy a good ramble, quite capable of using five hundred words when twelve would do.

Anyway, the idea was to explain the creative decisions involved, reveal alternate ideas that ended up set aside, either because narrative decisions made them obsolete or because the Tale was long enough already, just post it already, Wyland!

Whether I do that or not, I am still rather undecided. Either way, we hope you all enjoy the site and Tales!

A Heated Evening Tale

Image (cropped) by CallMePlissken

This particular Tale was more or less sprung on me by friends. I woke up to catch the middle of a stream only (“only”!) to be presented a delightfully hot pic of Prim and Tia.

I knew they hoped it would trigger a Tale. (I have turned pic ideas into Tales before.) Even though I knew I was being played, I was fine with it — I had inspiration, after all, so WIN! lol

So, I played around in a game for half an hour while my subconscious worked things out. Then I hurriedly wrote this Tale before the stream ended.

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “A Heated Evening Tale”!

The First Tale Written

Prim Strike! Art by CMP

I figured I would share the first Tale I recorded. I remember this just sorta popped into my noggin on the drive home from work. Prim must have magicked me or some such.

I spent most of the evening recording it. I remember Russell Westbrook (my favorite player) giving his NBA MVP acceptance speech while I was writing. I took a break for that, heh. I got most of it out that night. I finished it a few days later, if I recall.

The Tale followed the Bunny Prim comic I worked with CMP. The pic above is from that. I seem to have accidently edited the comic when making the image for this post. Oops. Windows is silly that way. Fortunately, I have backups.

Reading the Tale now feels very odd. There are definite mannerisms and speech patterns that have dropped by the wayside over the years. Perhaps I should revive some of them.

I think what strikes me most out of place would be the lack of the word ‘exquisite’.

We hope you enjoy. Cheers!

Welcome to Prim Tales!

Gnomish trickery invades the internet….

Wyland, here. After many attempts and false starts, it appears I have finally managed to get Prim Tales more or less operational. Perhaps that is not as dramatic as “fully armed and operational”, but it gets the job done.

Anyway, welcome to Prim’s site! (Don’t look at me, I just record it all.) Here I intend to place, for your enjoyment, the various misadventures, mishaps, and some other word starting with “mis” that our red-headed gnome bard gets into / creates.

More detailed explanations as I feel like updating. Personally, I kind of feel it pretty clear what this is about.

I will get various old Tales up on the site soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the fact it exists. Is that not enough???


Art by my friend CMP,