Bitter and Sweet Tale

Okay, I thought I was going along with more Hummingbird and the Finisher, when the Adventures called me. I then stalled on that, and suddenly …

Well, five hours of scribing, and we have a new Tale, instead.

I should probably edit it more, maybe give it another revision. However, I simply have not the time. Holidays, glorious holidays approacheth!

So, be gentle, dear reader!

We present to you, Prim and Tia in “Bitter and Sweet Tale”!

Blather, spoilers, and onions in belts below!

This was inspired by two pictures created by the talented CallMePlissken.

The first he created was Prim playing for Tia. He had the proud warrior in tears because he envisioned them having a rough go of it, and Tia needing to seriously unwind. CMP even had the troll chasing them idea. And cranberries.

The second was the pair tied up by goblins, with Prim saying the dreaded line ….

I simply put the two together for the same Tale. The first incident allowed Tia to see Prim in a positive light afterwards. The second incident allowed her to be overwhelmed by it all.

I decided to keep it simple between the second incident and the bar scene. First, did I mention I am low on time? Second, it really seemed unnecessary to show the goblin fight and aftermath. The uncomfortable silence between the two got the point across … or so I hope.

And I did not intend it to get so romantic, but by golly, that is just the way it went. And I enjoyed it, and I hope you did, too!

Well, time to take my onion and leave.

We hope you enjoyed the Tale!

The Heroic-(ish) Adventures of Hummingbird and the Finisher

Posting has been slow due to a medical issue that has affected me the past few months. I have discovered the cause and made lifestyle adjustments accordingly. My health is finally returning, all will soon be well. Woot!

I am currently back at the scribing table. I have no timeline for any production yet, because my habits are off. And I can tell my scribing is quite rusty.

That said, here is an old story of a couple of plucky would-be superheroines. Origin stories for the win, right?


And I am most certainly not posting this for any specific reason. Nope. Not at all.

Discussion below, after the story. We hope you enjoy the Heroic(-ish) Adventures of Hummingbird and the Finisher!

Ah, this brings back the memories …

I recall back a couple years, our friends were talking about crazy, campy superhero stuff. 1960s Batman TV show, for example. I remarked I could never scribe such fun camp.

A few jokes were made.

An idea formed in my head. I blame Prim. (Tia does to.)

And I just had to scribe it out. And then a certain point arrived, and I had to come up with minion ideas, and … well, I do so love when a bad idea comes together!


The setting is, of course, a bit different for our gnomish pair. I actually enjoy it, because I feel unconstrained by the usual rules between Prim and Tia’s relationship. Not entirely certain where I am going with it in the superheroverse (Hummingverse?) … But whatever, I hope it turns out to be a rollickin’ good time.

Anyway, until next time — Cheerio!

Prim and Tia in “Kinktober Self-Tale”

October is Kinktober, apparently, with a theme for each day. Today, the 25th, would seem to be themed self-bondage. I am not particularly familiar with the phases of Kinktober, so do not quote me on that.

Anyway, our friend Menchi created a delightful piece of art. And then this Tale happened.

Tia blames Prim.

Prim blames herself.

At least there is general agreement.

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Kinktober Self-Tale”! With a special guest appearance!

Prim in A Perspective Tale

This one has been an off again, on again scribing project. The origin of it was from the chat in one of CallMePlissken’s live streams (which you really should check out). It has been around a year since, so I doubt anyone remembers anything about it at all.

I have been a bit busy the past few months. Things are looking up regarding scribing time and energy, however, so there is that.

I would have posted this last night (central us time), but a friend beat me to the punch on posting. Therefore, I delayed until he had a bit of time in the sun first.

I am generous like that. Ow, that hurt, Tia …

Anyway, it turned out to be a good thing, because I really needed to edit this. My haste to finally post something nearly got the better of me! I almost feel I should share the pre-edit version, just so we could all laugh at the number of times I scribed the same word or phrase in the same paragraph. Oopsie.

Also, this is only the second Tale where the word Tale is not the end of the title. Is that good? Bad? Just whatever? Eh, it works.

Anyway, without further ado, we present Prim in A Tale of Perspective!

Commentary time!

Wow, this took forever to scribe. Real life just kept getting in the way. Eventually, just to get it DONE, I cut a ton of ideas out, which would explain if it feels a bit jarring to go from the first scenes to the beach, haha.

Yeah, I recall a happy Lilly leading Prim around on a leash for a while. Ah, well, ya gotta cut what ya gotta cut.

I do remember a bit of the chat that spawned the idea of Perspectivus. The notion of a character always being “meh, some would say …” on everything … Wow, how annoying! Hahaha, I had to include him.

The Tale in the northern lands really needs to get scribed. Which, I suppose, is a rather passive way of saying I need to scribe it lol.

I do enjoy Prim solo Tales, just as a change of pace. But, I admit I prefer ones with Tia in them. Still, getting to see Prim react without her Hot-Tits around to act as a bit of a limiter on her particular brand of madness is intriguing, if nothing else.

And having Lilly around is not a bad thing at all.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the Tale! Cheerio! o/

Prim in “A Devilish Tale”

This Tale was inspired by a comment our friend We Are All Mad Here made a few hours ago. The notion that popped into my noodle was just too tempting to not transcribe.

Tia wishes it to be known for the record she is glad to not be associated with it.

Without further ado, we present Prim in “A Devilish Tale”.




I admit I sort of ran out of steam toward the end. Mostly cuz I need sleep.

Is this canonical? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I dunno …. too tired to consider the possibility.

Thank you, and cheerio!

A Salty Tail

Prim and Tia have quite the unusual adventure. Which, I suppose, is usual for them.

Without further ado, we present Prim and Tia in “A Salty Tail”. We hope you enjoy!

Finished? Good. We can get on with the commentary, then.


As one might have surmised, this Tale is based on the MerMay theme. And, yes, the scribing took a bit of time, so I more or less completely blew the month’s deadline. Oh, well!

And this is still a Tale, even though the word is playfully changed to match the theme. Just to clear that up.

By now, folks now there is often a little seed of an idea that turns into these Tales, and often idea comes from someone else. Indeed, my friends over on CMP’s Discord chat were mentioning MerMay. One of them — Melle? — said something, it’s been too long, and I suddenly pictured the gnomes swimming about.

This had to happen.

So, it did.

The length of it … okay, that needs a bit of explanation.

  1. When they got into the water, I realized Prim simply had to play. There was no way out of it. The first scribbles did not include that, but it happened shortly thereafter.
  2. The premise is a rare one: They are transformed and wandering underwater. This alone meant it was worth more than just two or three pages.
  3. Come on, the love storyline was worth tons of pages.
  4. Somehow, people got the impression in discussions that the current Tale I was working on (that would be this one) explained Tia’s markings. I only meant they were brought up, not explained. Well … I sorta had to include the explanation after all that. Just to be right by my friends. Also, one of them needled me a little, and poof, the explanation came right on out. A few tweaks (to include the prior references to dares and their bondage, mostly), and it was done.
  5. I really trimmed the happenings on the ship. To the point of not even treating the fishermen as actual characters, haha.

Prim’s response to Tia overwhelming the shark … that caught me off-guard, ha.

What have these two unleashed upon the seas?

That is likely more than enough. We thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoyed!


A Tale of Vengeance

We have been informed (thank you, KatieD!) today is the birthday of our friend Menchi, owner of the OC Laressa. To celebrate the day, we present a sort of follow-up to the No Worries Tale.

We hope you enjoy!

Commentary: I do rather enjoy the occasional Tale in what I suppose could be called a “banter” format. They remind me of listening to radio presentations when young. And I do enjoy the challenge of scribing each character’s “voice” in their dialogue, so readers can tell who is speaking just by what is said.

Not that the odd “Hot-Tits” is not helpful, heh. The trick to that is to avoid having Prim say it toooo often.

We hope it came out well.

And two Tales in a row with our gnomes “losing”. Tsk-tsk. Are they losing their touch?

Ouch. Quit that, you two.

We bid you cheerio!

No Worries Tale

One would think, with Prim, every Tale would have a such a title, no?

This one includes several of our friends’ OCs. They visited the Tales in the past, with permission, so hopefully our friends will not be too upset …

Seriously, we hope so.

Okay, we actually DID get their permission this time, too. At least, Prim says we did.

And Prim is ever reliable on these matters.

HUGE thank you to my friends for letting me use their OCs and aiding me in scribing them. It never is easy to get other characters’ behaviors and attitudes correct.

All that said, we present you with Prim and Tia and Friends in “No Worries Tale”.

Not much commentary. I had three different variations for this one, and ultimately this is what came out once I began scribing. That is the nature of the beast, sometimes.

I am not convinced this is the best version to READ, but it is best as to what I can scribe.

The other variations: SHOWING Prim’s misadventure instead of TELLING. Yes, it would have been more exciting to read, but I rather enjoyed a bit of Prim and Tia banter and exploring how each gnome would tell a story — Tia having told hers earlier.

And the final variation was the gang got themselves captured, and Prim and Tia went back to watch the show. And maybe help out. I tossed that one because it was a lot of effort with others’ OCs. Some traces of it remained for several revisions, ugh, but that’s what I get for bouncing around like that.

I actually was ready to call it finished BEFORE the gang returned. Tia had made it clear Prim was in for an interesting evening, what more need be said? Then I thought my friends might enjoy seeing the results, so there you go.

Prim and Tia Adventures 9

And here we see how our gnomes handle the consiberaly-inconvenient presence of a dragon….

Also of note, I adjusted a few things in the previous Adventure. Essentially, I did not edit enough, wanting to just post and get on with it. Pronouns got confused. I corrected them, and also ensured Tia was not using capitalizations where she should not. Shoutout to my friend KatieD for that!

The beauty of scribing mostly for fun and friends is you can go back and do things like that. Figuring that little factoid made scribing tons easier, as now perfection is no longer the enemy of getting the ruddy thing posted!

Anyway, without further ado, we present to you for your entertainment, Prim and Tia Adventures 9.

Finished? Very well, on to the commentary!

Originally, the encounter was not quite supposed to go like this.

No, really.

How did it go?


Funny thing.

After I turned my mind toward this scene … I done forgot the original plan!


I can tell you, Prim was far, far more passive. If you read the commentary for 8, you recall she was supposed to be emotionally beaten for three or four adventures. Tia was to shine, carrying the day long enough for Prim to return to form.

Well, that went out the window, as (again) mentioned in previous commentary so I shan’t repeat myself here.

I must say, I rather prefer this version. Tia got the win in 8, Prim got a win in 9.

I spent hours stewing over some lines. As I scribed, I would every now and then go down a path which would lead to the dragon claiming the victory in his duel with Prim.

That would have been unsatisfying, to say the least. So, I stepped away to stew.

It is like the scene in Return of the King (the movie) where Aragorn confronts Sauron in the palantir … only to have Sauron show him Arwen dying and freaking Aragorn out. Woo-hoo, way to build up a defeat for Aragron, Jackson!

One of my few gripes about that masterpiece trilogy….

Anyway, that was on my mind as I scribed their back and forth. I had a few goals to achieve: Prim needed to throw him off his game (she did that immediately), they needed to fondly remember their past time together (was that not strangely touching?), he needed to show his desire for her without quite reaching the level of love (which he is incapable of, it would seem), and Prim finally had to drive him to madness. Using Tia to do it … well, I thought that a bit of a risk. She may very well have painted a bullseye on her Hot-Tits … but what choice did she have?

I’m sure Prim could talk Tia out of trouble, if it came to it.

Oh, yes, another thing to chat about on 9 here. I first scribed it without the first part with the gnomes. You only discovered Prim was chatting as things went on. At the end, we find Tia figuring out what was going on.

Yeah, that really didn’t work. After watching an episode of Columbo to let my mind wander in other directions, the solution presented itself. Why hide it, after all?

Anyway, that’s enough babbling for today. We thank you and hope you enjoyed it!

Cheerio! o/