Welcome to Prim Tales!

Gnomish trickery invades the internet….

Wyland, here. After many attempts and false starts, it appears I have finally managed to get Prim Tales more or less operational. Perhaps that is not as dramatic as “fully armed and operational”, but it gets the job done.

Anyway, welcome to Prim’s site! (Don’t look at me, I just record it all.) Here I intend to place, for your enjoyment, the various misadventures, mishaps, and some other word starting with “mis” that our red-headed gnome bard gets into / creates.

More detailed explanations as I feel like updating. Personally, I kind of feel it pretty clear what this is about.

I will get various old Tales up on the site soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the fact it exists. Is that not enough???


Art by my friend CMP, patreon.com/CallMePlissken

Prim and Tia and Aly in “A Merry Kinkmas Tale”

Okay, a few days back, my good friend KatieD had some notion of every OC getting Aly a kinky gift for the Christmas holiday — or whatever it would be called in Rith. And then she managed to get bored earlier today [yesterday]. Well, at least “today” in when I scribed this Tale, rather than posted it, heh.

And me being me, suddenly this notion for a Tale popped into mind. Well, actually, it was a single notion, not anything more than a itty bitty spark. And then it grew as I scribed it. Go fig, eh?

So, I quickly scribed it for her. She seemed to enjoy it — she promptly wrote a (delightful) follow-up!

So, without further ado, we present Prim and Tia and Aly in “A Merry Kinkmas Tale!”

Link to follow-up by KatieD to be included when I get my mitts on it. 😛

Here it is!


Spooktacular Tale

Prim and Tia found themselves in a tavern with friends who were telling spooky stories for Halloween, 2020. Well, Prim had a spooky Tale of her own!

Note: This is part of a group author thing. The over-arching story is the friends telling stories in a tavern.

Without further do, we hope you enjoy Prim and Tia and Friends in “Spooktacular Tale”!

Okay, commentary fun times!

What could be spookier than tentacles? At least, according to Prim …

A friend bugged me to participate in this event. I immediately thought of an old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip where his parents open the door to reveal his babysitter, Rosalyn, and Calvin is running wildly away — the entire thing one panel. Only instead, it was Tia in a room stuck in the clutches of tentacles, and Prim running away screaming.

I wish I could find that strip. It was cute.

Anyway, that image stuck, but not much came of it for a while. A couple of weeks later (and some prodding and poking by Mad), and finally my Scriber’s brain kicked in. Of course, Prim would have to go face her fear to save her Hot-Tits.

Prim’s little weakness just sort of popped up. I felt after her uber performance overcoming her worst fears, she needed a fresh weakness to balance it out.

Actually, I wrote a version where she was super embarrassed at her secret being revealed. However, that meant she got knocked down a peg TWICE in one Tale, so that just felt too much.

Besides, I think this much hawter. Maybe that is just me, though.

We hope you enjoyed it! Cheerio! o/

All Is Fair Tale

Credit to my friend Menchi for inspiring this Tale!

This one just kinda popped out. Well, the general idea. Specifics came after a few hours of thought. And by specifics, I will explain after the Tale!

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia and Friends in “All Is Fair Tale”!

Menchi has been working on a “Kinktober” series of pictures. They tend to inspire little blurbs of conversation between Prim and Tia. One of them, in particular, caught my imagination — it involved pet play with a girl dressed as a kitty. Thus, Tia-Kitty was born.

Kitty-Tits was a name idea that was rejected as being two-parts removed from the source. Tia -> Hot-Tits -> Kitty-Tits, you see.

Plus, funny as it is to say it … nah.

Anyway, I needed an outfit for Prim. That took some time. A chastity pic of Menchi’s had caught my eye, but how could I get that into the Tale?

Well, somehow, Lady Justice came into it, and I realized Tia could trick Prim … And boom, there ya go.

Tale scribed in a couple of hours, ready to roll.

We hope you enjoyed it!

Cheerio! o/

Prim and Tia in “Insufferable Tale”

Well, here is another Tale I scribed a while back. Looks like late October of 2018, by the time stamps.

This particular one I am posting because … reasons. I updated the formatting, adjusted a little, as usual. Commentary as ever below the Tale.

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Insufferable Tale”.

Okay, why am I posting this one now?

Something happened in a chat room this last weekend, and it just got me thinking about annoying characters, haha. I wish I could remember what it was. Nothing negative. Just … something.

I think it was friends needling another for missing a stream, telling wild tales of what happened — tales which may or may not be true.

Yeah, that was it, lol. It triggered me thinking of Prim being crazy and whatnot, which reminded me of this Tale I had already scribed. So, you lot get it. Yay, you.

As for the Tale itself: One day, I just realized Prim can be kind of annoying sometimes. — Ow! Well, it’s the truth! — Anyway …

Not a bad thing. Firstly, everyone has to have some faults or they are boring characters. — What? No, Prim, a split end does not count.

Ahem. If I recall (and it has been a couple of years, mind), I went on a kick of finding and highlighting Prim’s flaws and faults. She felt a bit too perfect, always getting out of trouble. — What? Perfect and what? Exquisite? Ah, right….

Well, the end results is I worked on finding flaws for Prim, lol.

Fortunately, of late, I am well over my “knock Prim down a peg” phase haha.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed it! Cheerio! o/

Prim and Tia Adventures 7

Well, things look downright depressing at the end of 6. So, let us see where 7 takes us.

As ever, commentary (aka, “blather”) below the link.

We hope you enjoy!

A while back, I realized the two needed to split up. For storytelling reasons, and also to add a bit of spice to their relationship. And it obviously needed to happen when Tia found out Prim’s secret.

Now, I had intended for them to have several misadventures before finding one another again. Then that changed to one following the other. Which followed which? I never really decided. I was pretty sure Prim would do the following.

And then I made the mental shift from “writing epic novel” to “just pop out a little bit every now and then, keep the story going.” This is key, because … well, when I was writing 7, suddenly the dragon spoke in Prim’s mind.

Let me tell you, I was nearly as surprised as Prim.

I promptly thought — nah, this is too much — and tried to pass it off as Prim’s imagination. I wrote quite a bit. And then … nope. The pull was too strong. That had to be the dragon, for real.

This changed a lot. I could no longer justify keeping the pair split for multiple adventures. With Prim in a right state and the dragon so near to Tia and now the dragon COMMUNICATING with Prim … Well …

Also … Tia the hothead would still have immediately turned around once she cooled off. We all know that.

And, thus, the reunion occurs in this chapter. Well, so be it.

What is ahead? Essentially the same plan I had in mind.

I also hope one can start to see the danger for Prim of using the power she snagged from the dragon. Giving Prim this hidden power is dangerous, from a storytelling perspective, because the reader can always go back and ask “why did she not just use her powers to get them out of such-and-such situation”?

I hope the answer is becoming clear. At least, in-world. For us, her not using them makes it all the more fun!

Oh, and one other matter: Boy, you should have seen Tia’s apology … At first, it was nothing more than “I’m sorry”, which would have been utterly inadequate. So, on second go-around, I added to it. And then added. And added. And added some more.

Pretty soon, Tia was giving a most un-Tia lengthy, blathery speech of an apology!

(Prim must have told me that part of the story, giving it her usual brand of embellishment.)

I had to spend quite the effort trimming it down. I still think it a little long, but she needed to convey quite a bit. I think it works.

Enough of me blathering. We hope you enjoyed Adventure 7. Cheerio! o/

Prim in “Scaly Tale”

NOTICE: Adventures 6 is finished and due to be posted 06 Sep 20. Date and chapter number purely coincidental. Adventures 7 is also written, to be posted 13 Sep 20. Also coincidental you can add chapter and date to get two 20s. Or did you even see that? Is it just me? Am I that much fo a geek?

Ahem, anyway … Carry on to the actual post. END NOTICE

Yes, this is a Prim Tale, not a Prim and Tia Tale. It is set about a dozen years before the pair met. Let’s get right to it, shall we? Commentary below, as usual.

We hope you enjoy Prim in “Scaly Tale”.

As mentioned in the Adventures 5 post — wait, you read that already, right? No? Well, then, what are you doing here? Go read Adventures 5! We’ll wait.

Ahem. Caught up? Good.

As mentioned in the Adventures 5 post, this Tale had a lot to do with Prim’s … situation? Whatever word you wanna use there, go for it. This is the Tale that started Prim down that path.

I realized I had not provided it on the site, so … now I have. Important context actualized!


This Tale is one of those rare moments that things just … work. I mean, just, BEWM, idea that is super fun and sooooo fitting. Yes, the penultimate moment of the Tale … Prim’s response to the dragon. It just came to me.

And I wrote around it.

And I thoroughly enjoy this slapped-together, one-evening little Tale. No stressing over it, no getting everything “just so”. In fact, I never bothered to go in and check if certain words or phrases were repeated and in need of ye olde thesaurus.

I have, however, made a few adjustments and fixes. There is a hilarious “feow” which is clearly supposed to be “fellow”, but I most definitely hit the l and then the backspace on the phone, the two “keys” being next to each other. Also, I removed a moment of Prim cursing. It really did not fit.

Well, it could be argued it showed Prim was still less proper (haha) than we know her today …. Nah.

And why do I feel a need to put a comma after every “now”? Derp.

… annnnd …. I have made a few actual tweaks to the story. Haha. What can I say? It seemed like it needed to be done.

As for Prim’s armor, that is a reference to the fact our D&D group constantly turns any dragon kill into armor. I always thought it a bit … eww.

And, yes, Prim had red dragonscale armor in D&D, haha.

Anyway, that is probably enough blather for one post. Cheerio!

Prim and Tia Adventures 5

Okay, here we go …. Commentary (WITH SPOILERS) afterwards.

We hope you enjoy the latest chapter in Prim and Tia’s Adventures.

You really, really should read it before continuing to commentary, ya cheater. 😛 …

Right, then.


This chapter has long been in the works. I have gone through dozens of iterations for Prim’s reveal. I even had a few based on silliness back at the DD, just to link up to the gang there, but for reasons, they fell through.

In fact, delaying Prim’s reveal has hindered my ability to scribe Tales. There are such important details that have to be shown before I can really advance Tales much further. Well, now you have a fairly big one!

It has also hindered my ability to stream. I know most readers would prefer a lack of spoilers … well, how does one stream stuff like this without giving it away? Yes, most viewers do not actually read the material as I stream, rather just there for fun and goofing … but still, how’d you like to read Prim with wings out of the Blue? Heh heh.

Now, to be clear: Prim has always had her secret. Though, initially, she was actually an angel on a mission to go around and help people / spread beauty and cheer. Whether she knew she was an angel or not was still in the air. Either way, I decided, after some time, that did not make really work in the end. You may have noticed she hardly ever mentions beauty anymore? This is a big reason. Another is to avoid turning her into a one-trick pony haha.

With the dragon power, it was nice to have her be distinct from any of Tia’s latent-but-growing Gift of the Rage and its fiery aura, but I found a way (I think) to work with that. Adventure 6 should point to that a little.

So, here I was with angelic Prim, realizing it was not going to work, and then Scaley Tale popped out one day, and boom, I had the seed of an idea. Rather than Prim be anything other than a full gnome, she had taken (read: “stolen”) the power in question. And rather than divine, it is dragonkind.

This would mean her zaniness is entirely her own, as the Tales with Lilly happened BEFORE the events of Scaley Tale. In other words, Prim has always been a bit wild and impossible to keep tied up for long.

Yes, this goes back to Scaley Tale. It has been years since I wrote it, heh. I do not know if I even have posted it on this site. I probably should check, add it for any new readers.

I wrote that in a few hours. On my phone. I just had a germ of an idea, the punchline of the entire Tale. Scribed it out. Shared it. I think it was the day after I shared Scaley Tale where I came up with the “stolen power” concept. Goodness, it took fire and ran wild in my mind….

That is how things can switch in a heartbeat. Life is weird that way.

But, well, it has not been easy for the reveal. Because giving Prim this power is very, very dangerous from a storytelling perspective. I hope the reader can be patient with it. I hope I can manage to tell the story in a manner that is convincing.

More than anything, I hope everyone enjoys the Adventures!

And I hope folks can forgive me if things are imperfect … I finally decided the perfect is the enemy of the good enough, shoved my concerns aside, and just started writing it out.

I hope to have 6 scribed soon. It already has half a page written. In fact, 5 was going to continue, but then I realized it was already long enough and needed to be broken up.

Thus, cliffhanger. You’re welcome.

Thank you for reading this far! Cheerio! o/

Adventures 4

Okay. I … do not quite know what happened with this one, haha. It was not particularly planned. I had an idea to go one way … and then Prim took it another.

Let us just get to it first. Without further ado, chapter 4 of Prim and Tia Adventures.

Finished? Good! Because SPOILERS!

We hope you found that entertaining. It was definitely unexpected on our end.

No, really, I had not planned on them going to the bath. I had intended for the pair to go to the pub. They still will, mind, but this little side-quest thing happened first, haha.

And then Tia is off having another spirit dream, and I am left here scribing it, trying not to think too hard, because my brain was hurting. Though I did laugh at how the wolf was like “oh, you’re here? Yippee.”

You think that hummingbird is constantly annoying it while Tia is away?

Meanwhile, should I have done more with them in the bathing hall? Perhaps. In fact … <goes back to scribing>

There. Now Prim did not merely accept Tia saying she could scrub her own back. Kind of a boring way to go about it, in retrospect. And, yes, that little bit of scrubbing backs was added just now because … well, it just seemed necessary, really.

The entire thing feels much more like a Tale, less like an Adventure. But, it does advance things … a little … and get me scribing again. Now to scribe the planned scene into 5 rather than 4, I guess, lol.

And gnomes in bathing halls has to be win, right?