Welcome to Prim Tales!

Gnomish trickery invades the internet….

Wyland, here. After many attempts and false starts, it appears I have finally managed to get Prim Tales more or less operational. Perhaps that is not as dramatic as “fully armed and operational”, but it gets the job done.

Anyway, welcome to Prim’s site! (Don’t look at me, I just record it all.) Here I intend to place, for your enjoyment, the various misadventures, mishaps, and some other word starting with “mis” that our red-headed gnome bard gets into / creates.

More detailed explanations as I feel like updating. Personally, I kind of feel it pretty clear what this is about.

I will get various old Tales up on the site soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the fact it exists. Is that not enough???


Art by my friend CMP, patreon.com/CallMePlissken

Down to Rith Tale

This Tale took a bit of time to come together. But, I am most pleased with the results. Prim and Tia would comment, but they are rather occupied right now.

On their behalf, I hope you enjoy them in “Down to Rith Tale”.


I think the inspiration for this Tale is clear.

The ending caught me by surprise. It is one of those times where you end it one way, walk away, think of more, and add it in.

I rather enjoyed the ending.

I wanted the Tale to actually be a full story, not just the fun scene. Hence, Tia’s practice at the beginning. It then became a sort of theme throughout, and set up the ending nicely.

Meanwhile, I did skip a bit about explaining just how Prim ever got the idea for her plan. Honestly, I think it best we just accept Prim does these things.

I never named the visitor, because … why? Seriously, it seemed more fun to keep her identity secret. Something a little more ominous for our gnomish friends, thinking of someone coming to exact revenge but not even knowing her name.

Anyway, not really much to the commentary, was there? We hope you enjoyed our Tale!


Now Ya Done It

Seriously — why would you do such a thing?

What thing? Read the Tale and find out!

This was written a few years back. I am posting it today for reasons. Discord chat-related reasons.

YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! (Say our gnomish friends in unisom.)

And now I have to deal with their ire all day. Sheesh.

Thanks a lot, folks.

All kidding aside, we present Prim and Tia in “Now Ya Done It Tale”. We hope you enjoy it!

A Birthday Tale

I recently got a notification on my phone informing me today is a certain green-haired, irritable, grumpy, grouchy — ow! — powerful, strong gnome’s birthday.

So, naturally, I had to scribe her day. Well, part of her day. Much of her day is has been something I am comfortable describing ….

Blame Prim.

Anyway, here is a quick little Tale I scribed up for ya all. We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Sweets Tale”!

I am still recovering my ability to scribe after my medical issues. Yes, even these months later. At least my energy has mostly returned.

The dialogue seems to be coming back for me. Description capabilities are being annoyingly elusive. And patience and focus are just not what they used to be, but maybe that is just me getting old, haha.

That said, I am working on scribing a few works, slowly but slowly.

Thank you so much for the support, my friends!

Cheerio! o/

Lessons Tale

Greetings once again! Yes, we have been away just a bit, but it appears some scribing has (at last) gotten put into ones and zeros. What, you think we use ink in this day and age?

I am still getting the cobwebs out after the medical issues from a while back. They still affect me, but not as greatly. I do find I have trouble with transitions, so if you find any that are kind of herky-jerky, well, now you know my excuse.

Without further ado, we present to you Prim and Tia in “Lessons Tale”. We hope you enjoy!

Commentary time!

Spoilers, perhaps?

The truth is, this was intended to just be the beginning of a pair of Tales or, perhaps, a full-blown trilogy. However, as is often the case with Tales, the scribing went where the Tale demanded. It looks to me like a good spot to end it right there.

Which is a shame, because there really was a good idea to connect it to more shenannigans.

Then again, who is to say the second idea could not form a Tale of its own?

Well, time will tell, I suppose.

We wish you the best! Cheerio!

Bitter and Sweet Tale

Okay, I thought I was going along with more Hummingbird and the Finisher, when the Adventures called me. I then stalled on that, and suddenly …

Well, five hours of scribing, and we have a new Tale, instead.

I should probably edit it more, maybe give it another revision. However, I simply have not the time. Holidays, glorious holidays approacheth!

So, be gentle, dear reader!

We present to you, Prim and Tia in “Bitter and Sweet Tale”!

Blather, spoilers, and onions in belts below!

This was inspired by two pictures created by the talented CallMePlissken.

The first he created was Prim playing for Tia. He had the proud warrior in tears because he envisioned them having a rough go of it, and Tia needing to seriously unwind. CMP even had the troll chasing them idea. And cranberries.

The second was the pair tied up by goblins, with Prim saying the dreaded line ….

I simply put the two together for the same Tale. The first incident allowed Tia to see Prim in a positive light afterwards. The second incident allowed her to be overwhelmed by it all.

I decided to keep it simple between the second incident and the bar scene. First, did I mention I am low on time? Second, it really seemed unnecessary to show the goblin fight and aftermath. The uncomfortable silence between the two got the point across … or so I hope.

And I did not intend it to get so romantic, but by golly, that is just the way it went. And I enjoyed it, and I hope you did, too!

Well, time to take my onion and leave.

We hope you enjoyed the Tale!

The Heroic-(ish) Adventures of Hummingbird and the Finisher

Posting has been slow due to a medical issue that has affected me the past few months. I have discovered the cause and made lifestyle adjustments accordingly. My health is finally returning, all will soon be well. Woot!

I am currently back at the scribing table. I have no timeline for any production yet, because my habits are off. And I can tell my scribing is quite rusty.

That said, here is an old story of a couple of plucky would-be superheroines. Origin stories for the win, right?


And I am most certainly not posting this for any specific reason. Nope. Not at all.

Discussion below, after the story. We hope you enjoy the Heroic(-ish) Adventures of Hummingbird and the Finisher!

Ah, this brings back the memories …

I recall back a couple years, our friends were talking about crazy, campy superhero stuff. 1960s Batman TV show, for example. I remarked I could never scribe such fun camp.

A few jokes were made.

An idea formed in my head. I blame Prim. (Tia does to.)

And I just had to scribe it out. And then a certain point arrived, and I had to come up with minion ideas, and … well, I do so love when a bad idea comes together!


The setting is, of course, a bit different for our gnomish pair. I actually enjoy it, because I feel unconstrained by the usual rules between Prim and Tia’s relationship. Not entirely certain where I am going with it in the superheroverse (Hummingverse?) … But whatever, I hope it turns out to be a rollickin’ good time.

Anyway, until next time — Cheerio!

Prim and Tia in “Kinktober Self-Tale”

October is Kinktober, apparently, with a theme for each day. Today, the 25th, would seem to be themed self-bondage. I am not particularly familiar with the phases of Kinktober, so do not quote me on that.

Anyway, our friend Menchi created a delightful piece of art. And then this Tale happened.

Tia blames Prim.

Prim blames herself.

At least there is general agreement.

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Kinktober Self-Tale”! With a special guest appearance!

Prim in A Perspective Tale

This one has been an off again, on again scribing project. The origin of it was from the chat in one of CallMePlissken’s live streams (which you really should check out). It has been around a year since, so I doubt anyone remembers anything about it at all.

I have been a bit busy the past few months. Things are looking up regarding scribing time and energy, however, so there is that.

I would have posted this last night (central us time), but a friend beat me to the punch on posting. Therefore, I delayed until he had a bit of time in the sun first.

I am generous like that. Ow, that hurt, Tia …

Anyway, it turned out to be a good thing, because I really needed to edit this. My haste to finally post something nearly got the better of me! I almost feel I should share the pre-edit version, just so we could all laugh at the number of times I scribed the same word or phrase in the same paragraph. Oopsie.

Also, this is only the second Tale where the word Tale is not the end of the title. Is that good? Bad? Just whatever? Eh, it works.

Anyway, without further ado, we present Prim in A Tale of Perspective!

Commentary time!

Wow, this took forever to scribe. Real life just kept getting in the way. Eventually, just to get it DONE, I cut a ton of ideas out, which would explain if it feels a bit jarring to go from the first scenes to the beach, haha.

Yeah, I recall a happy Lilly leading Prim around on a leash for a while. Ah, well, ya gotta cut what ya gotta cut.

I do remember a bit of the chat that spawned the idea of Perspectivus. The notion of a character always being “meh, some would say …” on everything … Wow, how annoying! Hahaha, I had to include him.

The Tale in the northern lands really needs to get scribed. Which, I suppose, is a rather passive way of saying I need to scribe it lol.

I do enjoy Prim solo Tales, just as a change of pace. But, I admit I prefer ones with Tia in them. Still, getting to see Prim react without her Hot-Tits around to act as a bit of a limiter on her particular brand of madness is intriguing, if nothing else.

And having Lilly around is not a bad thing at all.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the Tale! Cheerio! o/

Prim in “A Devilish Tale”

This Tale was inspired by a comment our friend We Are All Mad Here made a few hours ago. The notion that popped into my noodle was just too tempting to not transcribe.

Tia wishes it to be known for the record she is glad to not be associated with it.

Without further ado, we present Prim in “A Devilish Tale”.




I admit I sort of ran out of steam toward the end. Mostly cuz I need sleep.

Is this canonical? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I dunno …. too tired to consider the possibility.

Thank you, and cheerio!