The Collected Tales of Prim

Okay, so, I only just noticed the front page of this site has roughly three posts on it. I looked into ways of adding links or whatever so one could see all the posts and navigate. Unfortunately, it would require a monthly fee beyond my intentions to pay.

Therefore, I have decided to update and release the Collected Tales. These are not everything, nor are Hummingbird and the Finisher or the Adventures included. For now. I might change this post to a sort of “here is the updated of everything” kind of post. I do not know.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the Collected Tales of Prim!


Welcome to Prim Tales!

Gnomish trickery invades the internet….

Wyland, here. After many attempts and false starts, it appears I have finally managed to get Prim Tales more or less operational. Perhaps that is not as dramatic as “fully armed and operational”, but it gets the job done.

Anyway, welcome to Prim’s site! (Don’t look at me, I just record it all.) Here I intend to place, for your enjoyment, the various misadventures, mishaps, and some other word starting with “mis” that our red-headed gnome bard gets into / creates.

More detailed explanations as I feel like updating. Personally, I kind of feel it pretty clear what this is about.

I will get various old Tales up on the site soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the fact it exists. Is that not enough???


Art by my friend CMP, patreon.com/CallMePlissken

One Minute to Tale

This one has been in the works for months, as I sorted out ideas. I finally got something going. So, we hope you enjoy “One Minute to Tale”.

Commentary with SPOILERS below.

Commentary time!

I never really do well with other people’s creations. Characters always are a part of myself, so scribing others’ takes effort.

But, well, this particular case demands the effort!


Because the character in question was created for and gifted to me.

So, seems fitting I should put in the effort, right?

Also the entire “where is she” came with the package. I do think I would have been allowed to drop it … but why would I do that?

Not much else to say. It was fun scribing Lilly again, if only briefly.


Best Laid Plans Tale

Season’s Greetings!

This Tale came about by a comment from our friend Jaded. It stewed a bit, then I finally realized I best actually SCRIBE it, or else I would forget it, losing it to the depths of time and faulty memory …

We wanted to get it out today and managed. Only just.

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia and their friends in “Best Laid Plans Tale”, and we hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A Challenging Tale

It appears the pair have engaged in challenging activities. Or something. Read on to find out exactly what!

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “A Challenging Tale” — with a special guest appearance!

Commentary and Spoilers below!

This Tale actually went through four revisions as to the actual plot / story. All involved the gnomes in the DD, but the first did not spark as much scribing as I had hoped. The second idea, months later, was an inversion of the first — better, but still not enough.

The third idea was the first to include Laressa, but all she did was step in at the end out of nowhere and punish the gnomes. It was also the first where the pair were engaged in a contest of some kind, with ever-increasing handicaps. Much improved, but still lacking.

Finally, the idea Laressa steps in early and applies the handicaps immediately, with the resulting “contest” happening off-screen so we can get to the fun part… Well, that just got the spark that I needed!

As for the extra bounciness and whatnot — usually I do avoid such descriptions, but I needed a reminder every now and then the pair had stripped to their panties. I reckoned bouncing and swaying boobs ought to do the trick!

Thank you to our friend Menchi again for allowing us to invite Laressa along for the ride! We hope you enjoyed our Tale!

Cheerio! o/

Adventures 11

At a certain point, you just scribe it on along….

By which I mean, this one is a chapter I have struggled to make things work in my mind. Then I scribe it out, and lo and behold, stuff happens I had not even considered.

Why do I bother thinking so much on these things?

Anyway, we hope you enjoy Adventures 11!

Discussion below, as ever.

Finished? How delightful!


We are rapidly approaching a point which is actually where most of my thought has gone. In other words, I am slogging to where I really want to get the gnomes, haha.

This particular part gave me trouble because, not to put too fine a point on it, Tia SHOULD be pretty much overwhelmed. Originally, Prim was not to reveal her powers just yet. But, well, that got flipped. I think it the best way, since it summons the dragon and we get to see the weakness associated with her power.

Not a fun power if it summons a dragon every time you use it!

Meanwhile, the first three times I scribed this chapter, I looked at Tia’s reaction and realized it just would not do. At some point, she needed to be ready to explode — which Prim would need to defuse. (The one question, as it turns out.)

I also wanted to show Tia’s recovery from her weird anger issues toward Prim. “[Tia] did not care.” Tia flipping the script with Prim caught me off-guard, and I rolled with it. To do it, however, I felt I had to delve a bit deeper than I ordinarily like into the character’s thoughts.

I am not a fan of over-describing their thoughts and feelings, but I do suppose I should do it more often.

Anyway, setting up Tia’s joke led to a lot more verbage. I think this particular chapter to be one of my wordier works! (I am not counting any of Prim’s dialogue, as she is usually quite flowery with her language.)

I am not sure Tia’s reaction is … reasonable. But, the way I look at it, I am scribing for my friends, not for monies, so anyone reading it can factor that in all they desire. If I kept at it, sure, I could fix things — probably add more between the events.

Heck, I would add entire chapters with the two split up earlier! I was rather disappointed my scribing got them together within a chapter.

Anyway, I ramble. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! We wish you well!

Cheerio! o/

Adventures 10

Without further ado, and after much delay, here is the next Adventure, picking up after the gnomes slipped away from the dragon.

We hope you enjoy Adventure 10.

Commentary below:

I thought to delay posting this until 11 was out, since it feels like a filler episode. But, well, here it is. Actually, what made me decide was the basic format of 11 came to me. I do believe it will solve a few issues I have had.

Because I have been scribing 10 for months and months! Seriously. When did 9 come out? For I was already working on 10 even then.

Ultimately, there were two things blocking my progress: I wanted to add more to it in order to avoid feeling it is filler, and I was really needing to get away from stuff, haha.

My mind is not quite where it once was, but it is far, far more clear and capable after my recent road trip. I must say, seeing mountains really helped the soul!

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed it. Cheerio!

Down to Rith Tale

This Tale took a bit of time to come together. But, I am most pleased with the results. Prim and Tia would comment, but they are rather occupied right now.

On their behalf, I hope you enjoy them in “Down to Rith Tale”.


I think the inspiration for this Tale is clear.

The ending caught me by surprise. It is one of those times where you end it one way, walk away, think of more, and add it in.

I rather enjoyed the ending.

I wanted the Tale to actually be a full story, not just the fun scene. Hence, Tia’s practice at the beginning. It then became a sort of theme throughout, and set up the ending nicely.

Meanwhile, I did skip a bit about explaining just how Prim ever got the idea for her plan. Honestly, I think it best we just accept Prim does these things.

I never named the visitor, because … why? Seriously, it seemed more fun to keep her identity secret. Something a little more ominous for our gnomish friends, thinking of someone coming to exact revenge but not even knowing her name.

Anyway, not really much to the commentary, was there? We hope you enjoyed our Tale!


Now Ya Done It

Seriously — why would you do such a thing?

What thing? Read the Tale and find out!

This was written a few years back. I am posting it today for reasons. Discord chat-related reasons.

YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! (Say our gnomish friends in unisom.)

And now I have to deal with their ire all day. Sheesh.

Thanks a lot, folks.

All kidding aside, we present Prim and Tia in “Now Ya Done It Tale”. We hope you enjoy it!

A Birthday Tale

I recently got a notification on my phone informing me today is a certain green-haired, irritable, grumpy, grouchy — ow! — powerful, strong gnome’s birthday.

So, naturally, I had to scribe her day. Well, part of her day. Much of her day is has been something I am comfortable describing ….

Blame Prim.

Anyway, here is a quick little Tale I scribed up for ya all. We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Sweets Tale”!

I am still recovering my ability to scribe after my medical issues. Yes, even these months later. At least my energy has mostly returned.

The dialogue seems to be coming back for me. Description capabilities are being annoyingly elusive. And patience and focus are just not what they used to be, but maybe that is just me getting old, haha.

That said, I am working on scribing a few works, slowly but slowly.

Thank you so much for the support, my friends!

Cheerio! o/

Lessons Tale

Greetings once again! Yes, we have been away just a bit, but it appears some scribing has (at last) gotten put into ones and zeros. What, you think we use ink in this day and age?

I am still getting the cobwebs out after the medical issues from a while back. They still affect me, but not as greatly. I do find I have trouble with transitions, so if you find any that are kind of herky-jerky, well, now you know my excuse.

Without further ado, we present to you Prim and Tia in “Lessons Tale”. We hope you enjoy!

Commentary time!

Spoilers, perhaps?

The truth is, this was intended to just be the beginning of a pair of Tales or, perhaps, a full-blown trilogy. However, as is often the case with Tales, the scribing went where the Tale demanded. It looks to me like a good spot to end it right there.

Which is a shame, because there really was a good idea to connect it to more shenannigans.

Then again, who is to say the second idea could not form a Tale of its own?

Well, time will tell, I suppose.

We wish you the best! Cheerio!