Prim and Tia in “Never Dull Tale”

The seeds of this Tale were planted in a goofy little discussion on one of my friend Pliss’s streams at Often during his streams, Prim and Tia show up in the chat. There was a certain back and forth that caught my eye. I inquired into it, and though Tia was not particularly responsive,Continue reading “Prim and Tia in “Never Dull Tale””

Prim and Tia and Aly in “A Merry Kinkmas Tale”

Okay, a few days back, my good friend KatieD had some notion of every OC getting Aly a kinky gift for the Christmas holiday — or whatever it would be called in Rith. And then she managed to get bored earlier today [yesterday]. Well, at least “today” in when I scribed this Tale, rather thanContinue reading “Prim and Tia and Aly in “A Merry Kinkmas Tale””

Prim and Tia in “Insufferable Tale”

Well, here is another Tale I scribed a while back. Looks like late October of 2018, by the time stamps. This particular one I am posting because … reasons. I updated the formatting, adjusted a little, as usual. Commentary as ever below the Tale. We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Insufferable Tale”. …Continue reading “Prim and Tia in “Insufferable Tale””