The Heroic-(ish) Adventures of Hummingbird and the Finisher

Posting has been slow due to a medical issue that has affected me the past few months. I have discovered the cause and made lifestyle adjustments accordingly. My health is finally returning, all will soon be well. Woot! I am currently back at the scribing table. I have no timeline for any production yet, becauseContinue reading “The Heroic-(ish) Adventures of Hummingbird and the Finisher”

Prim and Tia in “Kinktober Self-Tale”

October is Kinktober, apparently, with a theme for each day. Today, the 25th, would seem to be themed self-bondage. I am not particularly familiar with the phases of Kinktober, so do not quote me on that. Anyway, our friend Menchi created a delightful piece of art. And then this Tale happened. Tia blames Prim. PrimContinue reading “Prim and Tia in “Kinktober Self-Tale””