Lessons Tale

Greetings once again! Yes, we have been away just a bit, but it appears some scribing has (at last) gotten put into ones and zeros. What, you think we use ink in this day and age?

I am still getting the cobwebs out after the medical issues from a while back. They still affect me, but not as greatly. I do find I have trouble with transitions, so if you find any that are kind of herky-jerky, well, now you know my excuse.

Without further ado, we present to you Prim and Tia in “Lessons Tale”. We hope you enjoy!

Commentary time!

Spoilers, perhaps?

The truth is, this was intended to just be the beginning of a pair of Tales or, perhaps, a full-blown trilogy. However, as is often the case with Tales, the scribing went where the Tale demanded. It looks to me like a good spot to end it right there.

Which is a shame, because there really was a good idea to connect it to more shenannigans.

Then again, who is to say the second idea could not form a Tale of its own?

Well, time will tell, I suppose.

We wish you the best! Cheerio!

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