Bitter and Sweet Tale

Okay, I thought I was going along with more Hummingbird and the Finisher, when the Adventures called me. I then stalled on that, and suddenly …

Well, five hours of scribing, and we have a new Tale, instead.

I should probably edit it more, maybe give it another revision. However, I simply have not the time. Holidays, glorious holidays approacheth!

So, be gentle, dear reader!

We present to you, Prim and Tia in “Bitter and Sweet Tale”!

Blather, spoilers, and onions in belts below!

This was inspired by two pictures created by the talented CallMePlissken.

The first he created was Prim playing for Tia. He had the proud warrior in tears because he envisioned them having a rough go of it, and Tia needing to seriously unwind. CMP even had the troll chasing them idea. And cranberries.

The second was the pair tied up by goblins, with Prim saying the dreaded line ….

I simply put the two together for the same Tale. The first incident allowed Tia to see Prim in a positive light afterwards. The second incident allowed her to be overwhelmed by it all.

I decided to keep it simple between the second incident and the bar scene. First, did I mention I am low on time? Second, it really seemed unnecessary to show the goblin fight and aftermath. The uncomfortable silence between the two got the point across … or so I hope.

And I did not intend it to get so romantic, but by golly, that is just the way it went. And I enjoyed it, and I hope you did, too!

Well, time to take my onion and leave.

We hope you enjoyed the Tale!

2 thoughts on “Bitter and Sweet Tale

  1. “Things will turn up soon. You should not be so negative!”
    “I’m positive you cannot make it worse,” Tia said.
    “That is the spirit! Positivity and cheer are what you need!”

    Was there ever an exchange that fit the two of them better??

    And a lovely sweet ending, too.

    Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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