The Heroic-(ish) Adventures of Hummingbird and the Finisher

Posting has been slow due to a medical issue that has affected me the past few months. I have discovered the cause and made lifestyle adjustments accordingly. My health is finally returning, all will soon be well. Woot!

I am currently back at the scribing table. I have no timeline for any production yet, because my habits are off. And I can tell my scribing is quite rusty.

That said, here is an old story of a couple of plucky would-be superheroines. Origin stories for the win, right?


And I am most certainly not posting this for any specific reason. Nope. Not at all.

Discussion below, after the story. We hope you enjoy the Heroic(-ish) Adventures of Hummingbird and the Finisher!

Ah, this brings back the memories …

I recall back a couple years, our friends were talking about crazy, campy superhero stuff. 1960s Batman TV show, for example. I remarked I could never scribe such fun camp.

A few jokes were made.

An idea formed in my head. I blame Prim. (Tia does to.)

And I just had to scribe it out. And then a certain point arrived, and I had to come up with minion ideas, and … well, I do so love when a bad idea comes together!


The setting is, of course, a bit different for our gnomish pair. I actually enjoy it, because I feel unconstrained by the usual rules between Prim and Tia’s relationship. Not entirely certain where I am going with it in the superheroverse (Hummingverse?) … But whatever, I hope it turns out to be a rollickin’ good time.

Anyway, until next time — Cheerio!

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