Prim in A Perspective Tale

This one has been an off again, on again scribing project. The origin of it was from the chat in one of CallMePlissken’s live streams (which you really should check out). It has been around a year since, so I doubt anyone remembers anything about it at all.

I have been a bit busy the past few months. Things are looking up regarding scribing time and energy, however, so there is that.

I would have posted this last night (central us time), but a friend beat me to the punch on posting. Therefore, I delayed until he had a bit of time in the sun first.

I am generous like that. Ow, that hurt, Tia …

Anyway, it turned out to be a good thing, because I really needed to edit this. My haste to finally post something nearly got the better of me! I almost feel I should share the pre-edit version, just so we could all laugh at the number of times I scribed the same word or phrase in the same paragraph. Oopsie.

Also, this is only the second Tale where the word Tale is not the end of the title. Is that good? Bad? Just whatever? Eh, it works.

Anyway, without further ado, we present Prim in A Tale of Perspective!

Commentary time!

Wow, this took forever to scribe. Real life just kept getting in the way. Eventually, just to get it DONE, I cut a ton of ideas out, which would explain if it feels a bit jarring to go from the first scenes to the beach, haha.

Yeah, I recall a happy Lilly leading Prim around on a leash for a while. Ah, well, ya gotta cut what ya gotta cut.

I do remember a bit of the chat that spawned the idea of Perspectivus. The notion of a character always being “meh, some would say …” on everything … Wow, how annoying! Hahaha, I had to include him.

The Tale in the northern lands really needs to get scribed. Which, I suppose, is a rather passive way of saying I need to scribe it lol.

I do enjoy Prim solo Tales, just as a change of pace. But, I admit I prefer ones with Tia in them. Still, getting to see Prim react without her Hot-Tits around to act as a bit of a limiter on her particular brand of madness is intriguing, if nothing else.

And having Lilly around is not a bad thing at all.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the Tale! Cheerio! o/

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