A Salty Tail

Prim and Tia have quite the unusual adventure. Which, I suppose, is usual for them.

Without further ado, we present Prim and Tia in “A Salty Tail”. We hope you enjoy!

Finished? Good. We can get on with the commentary, then.


As one might have surmised, this Tale is based on the MerMay theme. And, yes, the scribing took a bit of time, so I more or less completely blew the month’s deadline. Oh, well!

And this is still a Tale, even though the word is playfully changed to match the theme. Just to clear that up.

By now, folks now there is often a little seed of an idea that turns into these Tales, and often idea comes from someone else. Indeed, my friends over on CMP’s Discord chat were mentioning MerMay. One of them — Melle? — said something, it’s been too long, and I suddenly pictured the gnomes swimming about.

This had to happen.

So, it did.

The length of it … okay, that needs a bit of explanation.

  1. When they got into the water, I realized Prim simply had to play. There was no way out of it. The first scribbles did not include that, but it happened shortly thereafter.
  2. The premise is a rare one: They are transformed and wandering underwater. This alone meant it was worth more than just two or three pages.
  3. Come on, the love storyline was worth tons of pages.
  4. Somehow, people got the impression in discussions that the current Tale I was working on (that would be this one) explained Tia’s markings. I only meant they were brought up, not explained. Well … I sorta had to include the explanation after all that. Just to be right by my friends. Also, one of them needled me a little, and poof, the explanation came right on out. A few tweaks (to include the prior references to dares and their bondage, mostly), and it was done.
  5. I really trimmed the happenings on the ship. To the point of not even treating the fishermen as actual characters, haha.

Prim’s response to Tia overwhelming the shark … that caught me off-guard, ha.

What have these two unleashed upon the seas?

That is likely more than enough. We thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoyed!


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