A Tale of Vengeance

We have been informed (thank you, KatieD!) today is the birthday of our friend Menchi, owner of the OC Laressa. To celebrate the day, we present a sort of follow-up to the No Worries Tale.

We hope you enjoy!

Commentary: I do rather enjoy the occasional Tale in what I suppose could be called a “banter” format. They remind me of listening to radio presentations when young. And I do enjoy the challenge of scribing each character’s “voice” in their dialogue, so readers can tell who is speaking just by what is said.

Not that the odd “Hot-Tits” is not helpful, heh. The trick to that is to avoid having Prim say it toooo often.

We hope it came out well.

And two Tales in a row with our gnomes “losing”. Tsk-tsk. Are they losing their touch?

Ouch. Quit that, you two.

We bid you cheerio!

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