No Worries Tale

One would think, with Prim, every Tale would have a such a title, no?

This one includes several of our friends’ OCs. They visited the Tales in the past, with permission, so hopefully our friends will not be too upset …

Seriously, we hope so.

Okay, we actually DID get their permission this time, too. At least, Prim says we did.

And Prim is ever reliable on these matters.

HUGE thank you to my friends for letting me use their OCs and aiding me in scribing them. It never is easy to get other characters’ behaviors and attitudes correct.

All that said, we present you with Prim and Tia and Friends in “No Worries Tale”.

Not much commentary. I had three different variations for this one, and ultimately this is what came out once I began scribing. That is the nature of the beast, sometimes.

I am not convinced this is the best version to READ, but it is best as to what I can scribe.

The other variations: SHOWING Prim’s misadventure instead of TELLING. Yes, it would have been more exciting to read, but I rather enjoyed a bit of Prim and Tia banter and exploring how each gnome would tell a story — Tia having told hers earlier.

And the final variation was the gang got themselves captured, and Prim and Tia went back to watch the show. And maybe help out. I tossed that one because it was a lot of effort with others’ OCs. Some traces of it remained for several revisions, ugh, but that’s what I get for bouncing around like that.

I actually was ready to call it finished BEFORE the gang returned. Tia had made it clear Prim was in for an interesting evening, what more need be said? Then I thought my friends might enjoy seeing the results, so there you go.

One thought on “No Worries Tale

  1. Awww…Now I kinda wonder what would have happened if the rescue party got captured…

    This was a fun and lively romp and most enjoyable to read.

    Thank you for including Evie!

    Liked by 1 person

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