Prim and Tia Adventures 9

And here we see how our gnomes handle the consiberaly-inconvenient presence of a dragon….

Also of note, I adjusted a few things in the previous Adventure. Essentially, I did not edit enough, wanting to just post and get on with it. Pronouns got confused. I corrected them, and also ensured Tia was not using capitalizations where she should not. Shoutout to my friend KatieD for that!

The beauty of scribing mostly for fun and friends is you can go back and do things like that. Figuring that little factoid made scribing tons easier, as now perfection is no longer the enemy of getting the ruddy thing posted!

Anyway, without further ado, we present to you for your entertainment, Prim and Tia Adventures 9.

Finished? Very well, on to the commentary!

Originally, the encounter was not quite supposed to go like this.

No, really.

How did it go?


Funny thing.

After I turned my mind toward this scene … I done forgot the original plan!


I can tell you, Prim was far, far more passive. If you read the commentary for 8, you recall she was supposed to be emotionally beaten for three or four adventures. Tia was to shine, carrying the day long enough for Prim to return to form.

Well, that went out the window, as (again) mentioned in previous commentary so I shan’t repeat myself here.

I must say, I rather prefer this version. Tia got the win in 8, Prim got a win in 9.

I spent hours stewing over some lines. As I scribed, I would every now and then go down a path which would lead to the dragon claiming the victory in his duel with Prim.

That would have been unsatisfying, to say the least. So, I stepped away to stew.

It is like the scene in Return of the King (the movie) where Aragorn confronts Sauron in the palantir … only to have Sauron show him Arwen dying and freaking Aragorn out. Woo-hoo, way to build up a defeat for Aragron, Jackson!

One of my few gripes about that masterpiece trilogy….

Anyway, that was on my mind as I scribed their back and forth. I had a few goals to achieve: Prim needed to throw him off his game (she did that immediately), they needed to fondly remember their past time together (was that not strangely touching?), he needed to show his desire for her without quite reaching the level of love (which he is incapable of, it would seem), and Prim finally had to drive him to madness. Using Tia to do it … well, I thought that a bit of a risk. She may very well have painted a bullseye on her Hot-Tits … but what choice did she have?

I’m sure Prim could talk Tia out of trouble, if it came to it.

Oh, yes, another thing to chat about on 9 here. I first scribed it without the first part with the gnomes. You only discovered Prim was chatting as things went on. At the end, we find Tia figuring out what was going on.

Yeah, that really didn’t work. After watching an episode of Columbo to let my mind wander in other directions, the solution presented itself. Why hide it, after all?

Anyway, that’s enough babbling for today. We thank you and hope you enjoyed it!

Cheerio! o/

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