Prim and Tia Adventures 8

Well, it has been quite some time since our gnomish friends stood and gazed back at the dragon’s fire lighting the sky …

What can I say, I got distracted. I will elaborate more after the Adventure. In the meantime, I wish to give a special shoutout to We Are All Mad Here. Details below.

Without further ado, we present Prim and Tia Adventures 8. (Also, with the collected Adventures 1-8, for convenience.)

Finished? Then here is the commentary.

This commentary will largely focus on my own foolishness. Buckle up!

Into each life, a little rain must fall. Which is to say, I let myself get a bit grumpy for months. Ridiculous, but inevitable, I suppose. Anyway, my innate cheerfulness (where do you think I find the way to scribe Prim?) shoved my bad mood aside, mostly. Unfortunately, it came out in my scribblings!


And it was We Are All Mad Here who noticed something … off … about Prim in Reflections III, the latest Tale I had scribed. She was … passive. Mopey.

Rather unfun, even.

While I initially denied any such thing … Ha, well, he was right.

And the worst is … Prim was supposed to be mopey for three, maybe four Adventures! I had this planned for a year or two, and Prim was going to be rather miserable. It seemed I had developed an urge to bring the ever-cheerful Prim down a peg or three.

As a wise man once said, “What’s up with that?”

After considering it all for a few weeks, the obvious finally clicked in my microscopic little mind: Prim is CONFIDENT and CHEERFUL, ya ninny!

And then Adventures 8 popped out, more or less just like that. Seriously. Nothing for a month, then poof, out this comes in two evening’s effort. Six hours, maybe. And at the end, Prim returns.

Now about the actual Adventures: This was the one where Tia gets to shine. The Dragon has Prim down, and Tia steps up to save them both. We are introduced to the concept of the gnomish knack. (I almost put it in italics, but nah.) Anyway, I thought gnomes should have something special, to distinguish themselves from the other folk. I may have scribed a bit about “every gnome having a connection with nature” before, but that is kinda vague and generic. But, each gnome has a knack, with different knacks out there …

Well, it just seemed fun!

The flashbacks for 8 are new. Only thought up that concept a couple months back. I find it convenient not to name Tia’s Teacher just yet, because now we have a parallel between Him and the Teacher — no names, just capitalized nouns/pronouns.

By the way, Teacher made certain to have Tia learn how to hide without her knack for a reason. Evie has no excuse about “knacks” defeating her back in “A Friendly Meeting Tale”.

Ain’t I a stinker?

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