Hue and Cry Tale

And here we have part two of Gnomish Reflections, “Hue and Cry Tale”. If you recall, we last left our intrepid gnomes lying, exhuasted, on their field of victory … or, at least, the floor of the resort’s lobby.

This Tale went on a few pages longer than expected. You have been warned.

Without further ado, we present Prim and Tia is Gnomish Reflections Part Two: “Hue and Cry Tale”.





Finished? Good, then it is …

Commentary time, with spoilers!

Okay, I actually have a LOT I can say about this one. A ton.

Firstly, I had no idea it was going to head toward where it did at the end. That part just sort of happened, as I realized the soon to be trilogy but possibly more story that is Gnomish Reflections (GR) could use a bit of a pop.

Also, it just seemed natural.

Moving on, the sequence of getting to the bathing hall was entirely unplanned from the beginning of scribing GR. However, seeing as part one had them in a filthy heap in the perfect resort, explanations had to be given. I fear it took longer than I would have preferred, but I hope it worked.

Ironically, I then took a short cut of leaving all their stuff in a corner. I had visions of Prim hiding her stuff at night when out in the wild, first seen in Gnomish Plunder Tale.

Meanwhile, the simple fact is the introduction of Välstånna (which was slated to occur in the next Tale) just BEGGED for a stretch of the two appearing entirely out of place. Which, let’s face it, they are. I was rather surprised Tia took the lead on this, and then quickly realized she would naturally dislike the typical dismissive outlook with which many of higher station view those of lower station.

I never knew she had so many phrases disparaging the upper crust.

Now, as for Välstånna herself, this is a character concept that has gone through many iterations and names. Years ago, I realized Prim could use someone who drove her nuts. Maybe a rival, maybe not quite a rival.

Her name took me ages to come up with. I had a perfect one … that was very similar to no fewer than three OCs belonging to friends. So, I scotched that. I thought to use a name I use in online games … And it really did not fit. I tried another online name I had seen … Okay, sure, it could work.

And then I decided to try an old trick and look for latin words for what the character represented. As you can see by the characters in her name, I switched to swedish rather than latin.

By the way, to type ä requires typing ALT-132, and å is ALT-134. Every time. WEEEEEEEE.

Her name I shall wait until after the next Tale to discuss.

Making her blonde was a surprise. I don’t know, I pictured her with dark hair. Then, once she got certain … increases in her body structure, blonde just sorta laid claim to her. I guess if you are going to go horribly stereotypically over the top, might as well go all in.

Did the lollipop make you want to smack it out of her hand, too?

Okay, I suppose I should get to the ending of this one. Yes, the two nearly kiss, and while they have played with each other (and with others at the same time) in bed before, there has always been a sort of “just having fun” aspect to it. The emotional connection has just not been there before.

I strangely – likely from dementia – imagine they actually have avoided smooching. Well, Tia would be the main culprit there.

So, I felt the scene would be appropriate because it was actual emotional intimacy. I went back in and adjusted it for Prim to use her prize line, just to bring back the old days of her constant pursuit of her Hot-Tits.

It was nice to see, at least.

Well, that should be enough blather for one post! We thank you for your time, and we hope you enjoyed the Tale!

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