Spooktacular Tale

Prim and Tia found themselves in a tavern with friends who were telling spooky stories for Halloween, 2020. Well, Prim had a spooky Tale of her own!

Note: This is part of a group author thing. The over-arching story is the friends telling stories in a tavern.

Without further do, we hope you enjoy Prim and Tia and Friends in “Spooktacular Tale”!

Okay, commentary fun times!

What could be spookier than tentacles? At least, according to Prim …

A friend bugged me to participate in this event. I immediately thought of an old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip where his parents open the door to reveal his babysitter, Rosalyn, and Calvin is running wildly away — the entire thing one panel. Only instead, it was Tia in a room stuck in the clutches of tentacles, and Prim running away screaming.

I wish I could find that strip. It was cute.

Anyway, that image stuck, but not much came of it for a while. A couple of weeks later (and some prodding and poking by Mad), and finally my Scriber’s brain kicked in. Of course, Prim would have to go face her fear to save her Hot-Tits.

Prim’s little weakness just sort of popped up. I felt after her uber performance overcoming her worst fears, she needed a fresh weakness to balance it out.

Actually, I wrote a version where she was super embarrassed at her secret being revealed. However, that meant she got knocked down a peg TWICE in one Tale, so that just felt too much.

Besides, I think this much hawter. Maybe that is just me, though.

We hope you enjoyed it! Cheerio! o/

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