All Is Fair Tale

Credit to my friend Menchi for inspiring this Tale!

This one just kinda popped out. Well, the general idea. Specifics came after a few hours of thought. And by specifics, I will explain after the Tale!

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia and Friends in “All Is Fair Tale”!

Menchi has been working on a “Kinktober” series of pictures. They tend to inspire little blurbs of conversation between Prim and Tia. One of them, in particular, caught my imagination — it involved pet play with a girl dressed as a kitty. Thus, Tia-Kitty was born.

Kitty-Tits was a name idea that was rejected as being two-parts removed from the source. Tia -> Hot-Tits -> Kitty-Tits, you see.

Plus, funny as it is to say it … nah.

Anyway, I needed an outfit for Prim. That took some time. A chastity pic of Menchi’s had caught my eye, but how could I get that into the Tale?

Well, somehow, Lady Justice came into it, and I realized Tia could trick Prim … And boom, there ya go.

Tale scribed in a couple of hours, ready to roll.

We hope you enjoyed it!

Cheerio! o/

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