Prim and Tia in “Insufferable Tale”

Well, here is another Tale I scribed a while back. Looks like late October of 2018, by the time stamps.

This particular one I am posting because … reasons. I updated the formatting, adjusted a little, as usual. Commentary as ever below the Tale.

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Insufferable Tale”.

Okay, why am I posting this one now?

Something happened in a chat room this last weekend, and it just got me thinking about annoying characters, haha. I wish I could remember what it was. Nothing negative. Just … something.

I think it was friends needling another for missing a stream, telling wild tales of what happened — tales which may or may not be true.

Yeah, that was it, lol. It triggered me thinking of Prim being crazy and whatnot, which reminded me of this Tale I had already scribed. So, you lot get it. Yay, you.

As for the Tale itself: One day, I just realized Prim can be kind of annoying sometimes. — Ow! Well, it’s the truth! — Anyway …

Not a bad thing. Firstly, everyone has to have some faults or they are boring characters. — What? No, Prim, a split end does not count.

Ahem. If I recall (and it has been a couple of years, mind), I went on a kick of finding and highlighting Prim’s flaws and faults. She felt a bit too perfect, always getting out of trouble. — What? Perfect and what? Exquisite? Ah, right….

Well, the end results is I worked on finding flaws for Prim, lol.

Fortunately, of late, I am well over my “knock Prim down a peg” phase haha.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed it! Cheerio! o/

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