Prim and Tia Adventures 7

Well, things look downright depressing at the end of 6. So, let us see where 7 takes us.

As ever, commentary (aka, “blather”) below the link.

We hope you enjoy!

A while back, I realized the two needed to split up. For storytelling reasons, and also to add a bit of spice to their relationship. And it obviously needed to happen when Tia found out Prim’s secret.

Now, I had intended for them to have several misadventures before finding one another again. Then that changed to one following the other. Which followed which? I never really decided. I was pretty sure Prim would do the following.

And then I made the mental shift from “writing epic novel” to “just pop out a little bit every now and then, keep the story going.” This is key, because … well, when I was writing 7, suddenly the dragon spoke in Prim’s mind.

Let me tell you, I was nearly as surprised as Prim.

I promptly thought — nah, this is too much — and tried to pass it off as Prim’s imagination. I wrote quite a bit. And then … nope. The pull was too strong. That had to be the dragon, for real.

This changed a lot. I could no longer justify keeping the pair split for multiple adventures. With Prim in a right state and the dragon so near to Tia and now the dragon COMMUNICATING with Prim … Well …

Also … Tia the hothead would still have immediately turned around once she cooled off. We all know that.

And, thus, the reunion occurs in this chapter. Well, so be it.

What is ahead? Essentially the same plan I had in mind.

I also hope one can start to see the danger for Prim of using the power she snagged from the dragon. Giving Prim this hidden power is dangerous, from a storytelling perspective, because the reader can always go back and ask “why did she not just use her powers to get them out of such-and-such situation”?

I hope the answer is becoming clear. At least, in-world. For us, her not using them makes it all the more fun!

Oh, and one other matter: Boy, you should have seen Tia’s apology … At first, it was nothing more than “I’m sorry”, which would have been utterly inadequate. So, on second go-around, I added to it. And then added. And added. And added some more.

Pretty soon, Tia was giving a most un-Tia lengthy, blathery speech of an apology!

(Prim must have told me that part of the story, giving it her usual brand of embellishment.)

I had to spend quite the effort trimming it down. I still think it a little long, but she needed to convey quite a bit. I think it works.

Enough of me blathering. We hope you enjoyed Adventure 7. Cheerio! o/

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