Prim in “Scaly Tale”

NOTICE: Adventures 6 is finished and due to be posted 06 Sep 20. Date and chapter number purely coincidental. Adventures 7 is also written, to be posted 13 Sep 20. Also coincidental you can add chapter and date to get two 20s. Or did you even see that? Is it just me? Am I that much fo a geek?

Ahem, anyway … Carry on to the actual post. END NOTICE

Yes, this is a Prim Tale, not a Prim and Tia Tale. It is set about a dozen years before the pair met. Let’s get right to it, shall we? Commentary below, as usual.

We hope you enjoy Prim in “Scaly Tale”.

As mentioned in the Adventures 5 post — wait, you read that already, right? No? Well, then, what are you doing here? Go read Adventures 5! We’ll wait.

Ahem. Caught up? Good.

As mentioned in the Adventures 5 post, this Tale had a lot to do with Prim’s … situation? Whatever word you wanna use there, go for it. This is the Tale that started Prim down that path.

I realized I had not provided it on the site, so … now I have. Important context actualized!


This Tale is one of those rare moments that things just … work. I mean, just, BEWM, idea that is super fun and sooooo fitting. Yes, the penultimate moment of the Tale … Prim’s response to the dragon. It just came to me.

And I wrote around it.

And I thoroughly enjoy this slapped-together, one-evening little Tale. No stressing over it, no getting everything “just so”. In fact, I never bothered to go in and check if certain words or phrases were repeated and in need of ye olde thesaurus.

I have, however, made a few adjustments and fixes. There is a hilarious “feow” which is clearly supposed to be “fellow”, but I most definitely hit the l and then the backspace on the phone, the two “keys” being next to each other. Also, I removed a moment of Prim cursing. It really did not fit.

Well, it could be argued it showed Prim was still less proper (haha) than we know her today …. Nah.

And why do I feel a need to put a comma after every “now”? Derp.

… annnnd …. I have made a few actual tweaks to the story. Haha. What can I say? It seemed like it needed to be done.

As for Prim’s armor, that is a reference to the fact our D&D group constantly turns any dragon kill into armor. I always thought it a bit … eww.

And, yes, Prim had red dragonscale armor in D&D, haha.

Anyway, that is probably enough blather for one post. Cheerio!

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