Prim and Tia Adventures 5

Okay, here we go …. Commentary (WITH SPOILERS) afterwards.

We hope you enjoy the latest chapter in Prim and Tia’s Adventures.

You really, really should read it before continuing to commentary, ya cheater. 😛 …

Right, then.


This chapter has long been in the works. I have gone through dozens of iterations for Prim’s reveal. I even had a few based on silliness back at the DD, just to link up to the gang there, but for reasons, they fell through.

In fact, delaying Prim’s reveal has hindered my ability to scribe Tales. There are such important details that have to be shown before I can really advance Tales much further. Well, now you have a fairly big one!

It has also hindered my ability to stream. I know most readers would prefer a lack of spoilers … well, how does one stream stuff like this without giving it away? Yes, most viewers do not actually read the material as I stream, rather just there for fun and goofing … but still, how’d you like to read Prim with wings out of the Blue? Heh heh.

Now, to be clear: Prim has always had her secret. Though, initially, she was actually an angel on a mission to go around and help people / spread beauty and cheer. Whether she knew she was an angel or not was still in the air. Either way, I decided, after some time, that did not make really work in the end. You may have noticed she hardly ever mentions beauty anymore? This is a big reason. Another is to avoid turning her into a one-trick pony haha.

With the dragon power, it was nice to have her be distinct from any of Tia’s latent-but-growing Gift of the Rage and its fiery aura, but I found a way (I think) to work with that. Adventure 6 should point to that a little.

So, here I was with angelic Prim, realizing it was not going to work, and then Scaley Tale popped out one day, and boom, I had the seed of an idea. Rather than Prim be anything other than a full gnome, she had taken (read: “stolen”) the power in question. And rather than divine, it is dragonkind.

This would mean her zaniness is entirely her own, as the Tales with Lilly happened BEFORE the events of Scaley Tale. In other words, Prim has always been a bit wild and impossible to keep tied up for long.

Yes, this goes back to Scaley Tale. It has been years since I wrote it, heh. I do not know if I even have posted it on this site. I probably should check, add it for any new readers.

I wrote that in a few hours. On my phone. I just had a germ of an idea, the punchline of the entire Tale. Scribed it out. Shared it. I think it was the day after I shared Scaley Tale where I came up with the “stolen power” concept. Goodness, it took fire and ran wild in my mind….

That is how things can switch in a heartbeat. Life is weird that way.

But, well, it has not been easy for the reveal. Because giving Prim this power is very, very dangerous from a storytelling perspective. I hope the reader can be patient with it. I hope I can manage to tell the story in a manner that is convincing.

More than anything, I hope everyone enjoys the Adventures!

And I hope folks can forgive me if things are imperfect … I finally decided the perfect is the enemy of the good enough, shoved my concerns aside, and just started writing it out.

I hope to have 6 scribed soon. It already has half a page written. In fact, 5 was going to continue, but then I realized it was already long enough and needed to be broken up.

Thus, cliffhanger. You’re welcome.

Thank you for reading this far! Cheerio! o/

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