Adventures 4

Okay. I … do not quite know what happened with this one, haha. It was not particularly planned. I had an idea to go one way … and then Prim took it another.

Let us just get to it first. Without further ado, chapter 4 of Prim and Tia Adventures.

Finished? Good! Because SPOILERS!

We hope you found that entertaining. It was definitely unexpected on our end.

No, really, I had not planned on them going to the bath. I had intended for the pair to go to the pub. They still will, mind, but this little side-quest thing happened first, haha.

And then Tia is off having another spirit dream, and I am left here scribing it, trying not to think too hard, because my brain was hurting. Though I did laugh at how the wolf was like “oh, you’re here? Yippee.”

You think that hummingbird is constantly annoying it while Tia is away?

Meanwhile, should I have done more with them in the bathing hall? Perhaps. In fact … <goes back to scribing>

There. Now Prim did not merely accept Tia saying she could scrub her own back. Kind of a boring way to go about it, in retrospect. And, yes, that little bit of scrubbing backs was added just now because … well, it just seemed necessary, really.

The entire thing feels much more like a Tale, less like an Adventure. But, it does advance things … a little … and get me scribing again. Now to scribe the planned scene into 5 rather than 4, I guess, lol.

And gnomes in bathing halls has to be win, right?

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