Aly’s Bet

Okay, the story behind this one: Way back in the day, a couple of dear friends pestered me to write an accompaning story to the pic one of them was drawing on stream. You see, the main character was on stage, and various characters were in the audience as silhouettes. Since Prim and Tia were among the characters, the cry went out: Scribe a Tale! Scribe a Tale!

They were being playful, but I was tired and grumpy and annoyed at ’em. Because grumpy me being annoyed is not atypical in the least.

It seems, when I get tired and annoyed, I scribe a Tale. That’ll show ’em!

Ahem. Right.

I do not like writing other folks’ characters. It is something that is … uncomfortable for me. I put my heart and soul into my own characters, so the connection is what lets me scribe. That’s what I keep telling myself, at least.

Anyway, perhaps we should just present Prim and Tia in “Aly’s Bet Tale”.

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