Contribution Tale

Here is a little Tale just for fun. Small amount of rambling below the file, of course.

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Contribution Tale”!

Usually, I like setups and payoffs, so this Tale is a bit different. That said, it just seemed a fun moment. I do believe we can imagine what Prim did to cause the damages, and we can imagine Prim spending the next few nights paying for it. Tia, meanwhile, takes the opportunity to actually stay in one place for a while and relax.

Also, it shows the two are truly well-meaning, even if things can get out of hand every now and then.

So, yes, I am a bit lazy. But, I think readers enjoy a bit of freedom every now and then to decide exactly how these things came to be.

Or, maybe, I am just rationalizing.

Either way, we hope you enjoyed it!

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