More Tea, More Mayhem

Okay, this one has a bit of a weird history to it. I have felt a have been wandering about in the Twilight Zone regarding it.

First, perhaps you should read the Tale? Yes, that might be best. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy Prim and Friends in “More Tea, More Mayhem Tale”, with special guests! It is a sequel of sorts to “Teaparty Mayhem”.

Okay, so, let me give a bit of background explainer for this one.

It began simple enough — I asked KatieD and We Are All Mad Here if they had ideas for a friend. They came up with a scene with their characters along with Prim, Tia, and Millie. Something like six characters?

They then decided on the scene being … a tea party! With Prim teaching Evie and Elspeth … Well … You read the Tale.

Now, I felt in a bit of a bind. You see, I had written “Tea Party Mayhem” back in the day as a gift, and I did not consider it my property per se. Yes, I owned the characters and story, but I felt, as it was a gift, the decision of whether to ever share it belonged to the friend to whom I had gifted it.

But, dang, if Katie and Mad were not essentially (unknowingly) working our way into me scribing a sequel!

I spilled the beans a little about having scribed a tea party Tale already. Then I asked my friend if I could post the original Tea Party Mayhem, and he agreed, saying it was mine to do with as I pleased. That cleared that up! Whew!

Good to know I made things more complicated than they had to be.

Or, another day ending in -y.

So, I shared the first tea party Tale. With that out in the open, the three of us were able to better tailor the sequel. At first, I left Lilly out of it, because I wanted more focus on their characters, Evie and Espeth.

Eventually, it became clear we really needed Lilly in it. Katie came up with the idea of Lilly delivering the girls. This let me keep the focus on everyone else, giving an excuse for our favorite pirate to exit the scene while still allowing for the delightful antics of Prim. And in the meantime, Lilly makes an excellent foil for Prim.

I had noticed early on it was difficult writing with just Prim able to speak normally, as Millie’s “umms” are a cute joke but tough to work with. Lilly came in and really saved that for me.

Mind you, I laughed when Lilly turned Millie’s “umm” into a grand emotional spectacle.

There is actually more behind Prim and tea, but that will have to wait for now.

I have no idea when the notion of the tea set animating itself came into play. It just sort of happened. Most of the bizarre things worked that way. The tongs being an enforcer came about because it seemed less entertaining to have the entire set have the same attitude. Every group needs its grump! Other pieces got a little personality added in.

Yes, I was concerned with the group dynamics of a tea set.

And with that, we bid you cheerio!

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