Upside-Down Tale

Now with rambling commentary!

This is an older Tale. It might have been good of me to have checked the timestamp on it before I saved over it with the new formatting, haha. Too bad. Anyway, there is a reason I am posting it here today. But first, enjoy the Tale! We’ll wait.

Finished? Great! Welcome back.

This Tale introduced a new concept for our intrepid pair — That of outgrowing one’s enemies! Yes, goblins had been foes for the gnomes many times before. After this Tale, it became difficult for me to justify goblins ever giving them anything remotely resembling the appearance of a possibility of a threat.

In fact, as I was scribing it, the notion of “yay, goblins again” kept building in my mind. And, sure enough, Prim had the same reaction. It was truly a delight recording her commentary on Tia’s performance against their old foes. Whether intended or not, it marked the end of the goblin threat.

I have sought bigger, badder foes for them, but it seems the best I can do are one-offs. There is one fellow, whose name eludes me, who managed an off-screen reappearance. Hrm, does that count if it is off-screen?

Of course, if I would ever get off my duff and continue the Adventures concept ….

Anyway, this entire post (other than the Tale) came about because a couple of friends wrote a delightful story over on CallMePlissken’s Discord. If you are on it, do read “Island Vacation” by We’re All Mad Here and KatieD.

Their story more or less explored what to do when one’s classic foes are no longer threats to the heroines.

Excuse me ….

And back. Sorry about that. It would appear our red-haired friend is quite fussed she was not invited to the, err, “fun”. She would also like to remind everyone she — err, now, really!

Fine, fine. She wants to remind everyone she had once … handled … a goblin gang on her own, so there should be no question about her stamina.

— Yes, I agree, your companion has an odd sense of pride.

I think it might be best we simply leave that right where it is and say our farewells. Cheerio! o/

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