Prim and Tia Wagon Ride Tale

Yes, the title is dull, unimaginative, and rather pathetic. Too bad.

I kid about that last part. Mostly.

Anyway, the ever-talented CallMePlissken was looking for requests, so I offered a few ideas to choose from. He then drew a delightful pic — you should really check it out at his patreon! — and I, quite naturally, organized the Tale as told by a certain red-haired gnome.

The other gnome wanted nothing to do with it, for some reason.

Commentary (with spoilers) below the file.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the Tale!

This Tale was a pleasure to write, short as it is. The big twist, of course, is Tia being the cause of their situation. I chose not to get into particular details about just what contractual clause was invoked or how Tia triggered it, etc. etc.

I just know not to let Tia sign anything!

The details of the contract were unimportant, anyway. If I had worked out just what they were, suddenly the narrative would be more focused on a contract the reader never sees! Further, by skipping the details, Prim’s joining Tia in the wagon is left … more or less to the imagination, heh.

The conversation between the two in this Tale I found particularly interesting. Tia seemed more willing to interrupt Prim. Anyone who knows Prim knows she has a habit of interrupting and more or less forcing a conversation the way she wants, often causing her foes and/or friends to be confused and befuddled. However, when I wrote this one, Tia simply felt less passive than normal, more free to interrupt or interject. Perhaps it was just inside my own noggin, but as the scriber of the Tales, I would wager that means something.

Their relationship is getting quite difficult to write. I really need to get on with the Adventures, wherein we get to explore it much more. Until then, there is a limiter on how close the two are permitted to get.

Basically, I really need to get movin’ on it. Derp.

I scribed the skeleton of this Tale during Pliss’s stream. I wrote dialogue on my phone, but it was too much to fit into the chat window. So, I saved it to the note app. I then formatted it to be in chat-sized segments and added another segment. And another. And another. The plan was to copy/paste into the chat, but that ended up being a tedious concept when it grew so large.

Enough rambling. Cheerio! o/

One thought on “Prim and Tia Wagon Ride Tale

  1. Awww! Wy, that has such an awesome ending…with Tia admitting it’s a lucky day. My favorite line, though, was about Prim’s innocence up and leaving for greener pastures.

    Well done once again, my friend!


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