Nurse Mischief Tale

Art by CallMePlissken at

No good deed goes unpunished … unrewarded? Un-something. Anyway, Nurse Aly issued a PSA, reminding everyone tying her up at home is fun even in these unusual times. Naturally, she soon finds Prim has a few plans to “help” with her Public Service Announcement.

A bit of chat about it below the Tale itself. Spoilers may follow — you have been warned!

We hope you enjoy Prim and Tia in “Nurse Mischief Tale”!

Read the Tale yet? Good, then let us continue.

I rattled off a little speal in the Discord channel upon seeing Nurse Aly’s PSA, thinking it would be a cute joke for morale boosting. Next thing I know, there are lots of Nurse Aly pics, so clearly my imagination was not original on this score.

That said, there was simply no way I could resist attempting to get the speal turned into artwork. (Though I tried, for some reason. To resist, I mean.) And as I mentioned, I thought a it would help morale — the two are so fun to see, especially when mischief is involved.

Fortunately, Pliss was game for a quick sketch. It was a true delight to watch this one come together on stream. I had no intention of recording a Tale for it. On the contrary, to my mind, the artwork spoke for itself. However, during the stream, he mentioned four points, and suddenly my imagination just demanded I do something with that.

Ruddy artist has an annoying habit of sparking my muse…

Well, do to technical issues, I was unable to get started for days. I then wrote in the format it currently exists. I thought of editing it to a normal style, but it feels the material comes across naturally as it is. And fans do seem to enjoy Prim and Tia going back and forth, so I reckon it should work.

I do think it went a bit long, though.

The twist at at the end was not in the cards when I began this Tale, so imagine my surprise to watch it unfold. I do think Hot-Tits is not particularly angry, however. In the mood for vengeance? Without a doubt.

Why do I feel Prim is not fussed about that?

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