The First Tale Written

Prim Strike! Art by CMP

I figured I would share the first Tale I recorded. I remember this just sorta popped into my noggin on the drive home from work. Prim must have magicked me or some such.

I spent most of the evening recording it. I remember Russell Westbrook (my favorite player) giving his NBA MVP acceptance speech while I was writing. I took a break for that, heh. I got most of it out that night. I finished it a few days later, if I recall.

The Tale followed the Bunny Prim comic I worked with CMP. The pic above is from that. I seem to have accidently edited the comic when making the image for this post. Oops. Windows is silly that way. Fortunately, I have backups.

Reading the Tale now feels very odd. There are definite mannerisms and speech patterns that have dropped by the wayside over the years. Perhaps I should revive some of them.

I think what strikes me most out of place would be the lack of the word ‘exquisite’.

We hope you enjoy. Cheers!

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